Animation on an Urban Campus Encourages Math Development

Animation on an Urban Campus Encourages Math Development

Animation on an Urban Campus Encourages Math Development

Minneapolis, MN – July 6, 2016 – Find out how a teacher is changing the way high school students are learning math on an urban campus in Minnesota. The animation seen below was filmed during a recent session in the Minnesota Community College Mathematics Development Program at Metropolitan State University (MSU) in Minneapolis. The program focuses on improving math skills, enabling the creation of individualized learning plans.

The video was filmed by Tim Hinckley, who teaches Applied Statistics and Applied Developmental Mathematics at MSU. Hinckley seeks to get more exposure for the mathematics development program, and through the Minnesota State College Mathematics Innovation Partnership, he began creating videos in 2015. He eventually took all of the classes and video-recorded every session, which are accessible for free to all of the educators involved.

A video and preview from Hinckley is available online here.

Hinckley often invites the high school and middle school students he teaches into the classroom so they can experience learning with a higher level of motivation. He collaborates with the principal, and together they are able to highlight the difference a math education can make.

“I work to make everyone in the classroom understand that learning without learning how is not necessarily the same as learning with true motivation,” Hinckley says. “These visits help give the students a foundation for being inspired, and helps everyone better understand what an equal opportunity education really looks like.”

Every week, Hinckley’s students use their individualized learning plans and, together, they develop problem-solving strategies. He works with them on developing their thinking skills, working with them through the math curriculum, and helping them refine their core competencies.

“We rely on communication as much as we can and encourage everyone to understand how lessons apply to their life,” Hinckley says. “Just like everything else, we try to do things differently to best serve students.”

Applied Statistics and Applied Developmental Mathematics are core courses at MSU, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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