Teacher With the Tantrum, Ray Salazar, Has “Problems”

Teacher With the Tantrum, Ray Salazar, Has “Problems”

Teacher With the Tantrum, Ray Salazar, Has “Problems”

Are you a teacher? Do you happen to live near an Irish market? Do you find it to be a wonderland of musical and imaginative paintings?

The two newest books published by Shay Publishing fit these circumstances pretty well.

Ray Salazar is a “Stand Up Comedian.” He is also a “funny lecturer.” Neither is close to his title.

On his shows or podcast, Salazar is actually the ones who do the jokes, but he seems to be more than happy to poke fun at the public education system, political figures, and hypocrisy. Or, as Salazar puts it: “I’m Robin Williams when Robin Williams’ friends get on Facebook…I talk loud and gay and funny. I’m like one of that guys in his class who in the end doesn’t matter.”

Ray Salazar: A Funny Fellow

Ray Salazar describes his routine: “If you’re gonna be funny, what is funny? Hold onto it, hold onto it. Okay, no, actually that’s not funny. Hold onto it. What is funny? ‘I’m always waiting for my mother to make another lascivious offer. She went off tonight with a super gay French hooker.’ You know?”

So even if we haven’t noticed Salazar before, and even if we don’t agree with him, we can agree that he’s “funny”. A light-hearted humor makes sitting in school daily seem…well, boring.

Salazar also is a singer and songwriter. He writes his own songs as well as covers, including Amy Winehouse, Cyndi Lauper, Tom Waits, and Jimmy Buffet. His latest release was a cover of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel.”

Sometimes He Pokes Fun at Public Schools

He is kind of a controversial figure, but in the same light as Robin Williams. Some would call Salazar a genius while others a lunatic. You could call him the “Genius with the Tantrum.”

He has admitted that he has “issues.” He often rips off his shirt in anger. He’s often homeless and in jail. He claims to have had “Molly” sent to him. He says some teachers in his primary school “didn’t know what a chicken was and laughed and laughed at me.”

Recently, Salazar tweeted an ad for a “Partner Teacher” who can watch him for him.

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