God’s love for these troubled boys

God’s love for these troubled boys

God’s love for these troubled boys

By Japhet Alikpela

Most adolescent boys (AG) have been through a difficult time during their teenage years. Years of their childhood were never planned and their grief journeys were full of major changes, setbacks, upheavals and life threatening situations. Experiencing these times has a direct impact on how they will grow and mature in adulthood. Some of these experiences include: losing a classmate; cheating on an exam or exam paper; being ridiculed or getting dumped. They are handled differently and sometimes friends and family refuse to listen to them.

To help these boys control the emotions they feel while the events are occurring, they turned to a wonderful tool that became their life companion in combating their stresses. The tool that they relied on was their tears and their tears brought healing, redemption and helped them to come out of the hospital and become strong again. However, after the initial feeling of healing, what followed is most damaging. For most of these boys, there was a shift from feeling that the pain in their losses and hardship in their life became in their control, to the fact that they were helpless and the emotions they were experiencing were so strong, that they couldn’t hold on to their sadness and anger.

After a long period of seclusion, their sadness and anger turned to hatred and bitterness and for once in their life they became his followers. Unfortunately, for these boys this hatred and bitterness will take years to crawl out of them. So, their agony and sorrow resulted in the second traumatic challenge of depression.

This problem is much worse for the boys that were rejected or ostracized from their schools and families. They no longer experience any emotions of healing or redemption and all they are left with is a bitterness that was passed down from the previous moments of pain. They take no joy in hanging around their brothers because they are ashamed of having this burden hanging over their heads.

So, they find solutions to other problems like school loans, their stagnant job market and their families problems. They need to focus on their struggle and these evils are solely at their door step. Their life path will be filled with hardships and hardships until they can become strong enough to defeat the same evil and do something positive for themselves.

In order to break the chains and carry a torch of righteousness and anger, they turn to prayer, for the only hope they have is in the inspiration of God. It is for this purpose that they express the love for God through their prayers.

I believe there is a direct link between emotions and prayer. Those tears that we cry are the opening of an emotional receptacle and if you don’t pray there will never be a receptacle. And if you don’t open up the receptacle, there will never be a flood of souls praying and we will never see the new generation.

Crying is a way of expressing love and expressing the truth that we are being looked up to. If you love God and you are confident that He loves you, the cries for help will open up and you will be given a new opportunity to speak truth and face your fears.

Understand that God really cares. We are not talking about being a prophet or a mouthpiece, a pastor or a teacher. God loves us. He loves and needs us. He has seen the pain and pain of these boys. He knows the wounds they have and he is paying attention. He is afraid that all these boys will carry the sins that caused them to cry. He wants us to come in and help in these times of pain and healing. He wants us to take on this task of opening up that barrier for them. We don’t have to touch them. We can just start praying for them. We can have a heart to heart with them to enable them to open up their receptacle.

Without opening up that gate, no one is going to hear the prayers of these kids. No one is going to reach inside and give them an opportunity to have a new life. If our hands are not tainted with the blood of Jesus, no one can accomplish God’s will.

So, open up the receptacle for these boys, open up the doors of hatred and bitterness, give them a chance to turn around their lives and also in the process make our own life full of peace.

Japhet Alikpela is an award winning columnist. http://www.yraff.net

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