Free Teacher Apps For You And Your Kids

Free Teacher Apps For You And Your Kids

Free Teacher Apps For You And Your Kids

By Debbie Johnson, MindShift Brand Marketing Manager

July 1, 2016 – If you have kids in school this summer, chances are that you will use a computer or tablet to keep your students updated and informed about the daily events in their classrooms. Whether you have students who already have learned one or more of the STEM subjects, or if you have students about to enter grades 3 through 12, here are a few apps for the classroom that are available for free online.

Teacher Little Toy

This app was developed for teachers by Julia Hall, junior-high technology teacher at E.H. Jones High School in Portland, Oregon. This application is a complete visual kit including screenshots, an electronic journal for tracking lessons, lesson planning and classroom notes. It’s easy for teachers to sign in and access their files from any computer, tablet or smart phone. Teachers can also enter their student’s curriculum, assignments and comments into the app at any time. Kids can learn skills like time management, project management, math, logic and problem solving.

Anybody Can Bop

This free app allows kids to learn to play music, with the help of a MIDI interface that works with iPads. It’s a fast way to practice your music skills. Students can watch virtual instruments and learn to produce simple melodies and chords. Anybody Can Bop also helps kids learn basic jazz.


If you’re looking for a fun way to learn languages for free, this is a good idea. You can learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Urdu and more, with four languages at a time. Duolingo will ask you what languages you’d like to learn, track your progress and offer free local language lessons.

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