Emerging Markets in the Video Game Theater Industry

Emerging Markets in the Video Game Theater Industry

Emerging Markets in the Video Game Theater Industry

Video game theater is something to be considered a hobby, especially for film lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Yet an emerging market exists, which offers tickets and earnings of more than $5 million for the year, according to statistics gathered and published by Visionary Entertainment.

While this term may be new to most film buffs, gaming fans and movie-lovers are aware of the traditional theatrical performances of this brand of entertainment. Such performances have been touted as not just the best, but as the only way to see classics and cinematic gems in their original forms. Many years ago, the Bible and the Old Testament appeared on the silver screen in a staged form, transforming their written versions into movie-like movie theaters.

What makes video game theater unique is its breadth and versatility. In the world of movies, the group that thrives most is those that can adapt a classic from its original form to its visually, dramatically and culturally grandeur. In this atmosphere, a theatrical performance of a classic can become something entirely different from its original form of expression.

Here are some ways video game theater can rejuvenate an older work:

Gone With the Wind and Lincoln

Theaters began offering Gone With the Wind and Lincoln in the 1970s. Unlike the biblical scenes of biblical movies, Gone With the Wind and Lincoln could be a great experience for a global audience. Scenes from the film are created through video game theatre while discussions between the audience and the performers perform as key lines from the movie. The performers added the narration of the graphic novel sequences back to the physical stage which could result in an entirely different narrative.

Experimental Theatrical Scenes

Speaking of classic movies, experimental theatrical scenes are nothing new and have been existing for several decades. Experimental theatre, or experimental theater scenes, have been carried out using crude and even the most rudimentary of stage techniques. Movie stars like the late Richard Harris and Rainer Werner Fassbinder were no strangers to experimental theater scenes. A majority of their work included experimental theater, which is often called sub-subtitles or improvised theatre.

Go to Your Local Cinema

Another reason a great deal of people still use the traditional theater or movie theater that the family has been to since childhood is that most major cities have numerous movie theaters. They offer everything from one to multiple show times, depending on the budget of the theater, and there are even large area theaters such as the Universal and the AMC.

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