Tips for Attracting Kids to School and Rally Adults

Tips for Attracting Kids to School and Rally Adults

Tips for Attracting Kids to School and Rally Adults

The decision is made and busy families pack the bags and call it goodbye for the summer! That comfort you experienced on family vacations and once again for summer visits is over. However, the task and difficulty you will face to turn around the mindset of your children and motivate them to reach their fullest potential in the regular school year begins.

During this time of the year, it can seem too easy to slack off or not do everything required of each individual child. While it’s easy to focus solely on the personal obstacles your child has to overcome in order to get to the same level as their older siblings, as a family counselor we can improve the level of privilege that you give your children and bring them out of their habitual mindset to reach their maximum potential.

Overwhelming the Feelings of Insecurity and Inexperience

In order to be successful and give your children the opportunity to be seen as normal, you must first be seen as normal. This means you must overcome the feeling of inadequacy and insecurities in children; often they are heightened during the summer months as they don’t have a peer network where they can vent their feelings.

Communication is a powerful strategy, especially during this time of the year as fear of abandonment can drive a child to turn to drugs or alcohol. Establishing a dialog that helps children discover an alternative and more secure way to express their fears and with whom they can receive support and/or therapy can help drive their goals to where they should be for the upcoming school year.

Lack of Realized Value of Special Education Classes

As a parent, there can be a sense of inadequacy, worry, and fear on your part in regards to the impact your child has on the school year, especially in regard to special education classes. When children enter elementary school without access to adequate services, they struggle. However, the challenge for a parent is finding the right support from guidance counselors and school administrators. Although that infrastructure for bringing in a trained professional is well established and is the first line of support for special education classes, some families may not know what they are lacking and what they should be seeking out.

How to Start a Conversation with Your Child about Their Resolve

Parents often wait for their child to “appear” in a special needs class before they plan what resources to utilize. We tell our kids to stop saying “no” to everything and to follow their determination. As a parent, you may have a role in changing their belief in their ability. Suggest ways they can make themselves known at school so that you can begin to set the right framework for schools to provide the right services to them. Explain to your child how with proper guidance and support, they may get to keep friends from school and use their decision-making skills on issues that directly affect their classroom experience. Your child needs to understand that they are strong enough to overcome their feelings of inadequacy and come up with solutions to work through their anxiety.

Top 5 Ways to Attract Kids to School and Rally Adults:

For the first year of school, encourage the individual student to hold and take responsibility for their homework. Teachers can be found in the hallways talking to students, signing in and out cards, even signing in their uniform. At the end of the day, the student should hold the pencil and remember to file.

Include a child in every parent-teacher conversation. By extension, this means also finding time to involve the child in extracurricular activities. A proactive approach will only assist in getting your child to achieve at higher levels, as opposed to an emergency afterthought during the school year.

As a family counselor, we encourage parents to explore new skills and resources for their child and then monitor progress. The following are some ways to help your child reach their greatest potential in the regular school year, along with tips for parents to help focus on the development of their children:

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