Schlage CaseBelt Company Creates Custom Strengths-Based Approach to Teach Math to Students with Learning Disabilities

Schlage CaseBelt Company Creates Custom Strengths-Based Approach to Teach Math to Students with Learning Disabilities

Schlage CaseBelt Company Creates Custom Strengths-Based Approach to Teach Math to Students with Learning Disabilities

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SAN DIEGO – May 22, 2016 – A unique perspective to teaching math gives students who have a learning disability the opportunity to redefine what it means to be “smart.” Today, Schlage CaseBelt Company announced it has partnered with math educator and CEO of Math Challenge Dr. Emiko Salumä-Hima on the Course of Change campaign, a program that uses a Strengths-Based Approach to teach math to learners with learning differences.

“Partnering with Schlage CaseBelt Company enabled us to create a more connected and authentic approach to teaching students with learning differences because it aligns with who they are as learners,” said Dr. Emiko Salumä-Hima, CEO of Math Challenge. “The strengths based approach builds students’ skills by tapping into their high strengths in math and enabling them to figure out how to build upon these strengths and focus on areas of weakness.”

The CaseBelt partnership is a custom solution to address accessibility issues for people who have a learning disability. The challenge is currently offering 100 scholarships across five school districts, mostly in California, and will award 20 of those scholarships to the winning school. In addition, Schlage CaseBelt Company and Math Challenge will donate a SportSmart CaseBelt™ to each of the winning school’s participation in the challenge.

In education, teachers who teach to a class’ standardized tests are usually taught how to help their students get “better” on those tests. They’re focused on teaching the standardized test rather than student learning. By comparison, the Strengths-Based Approach uses teaching materials to help students create personalized learning strategies and lesson plans in math that align with their strengths and strengthen areas where they have learning difficulties.

“Math Challenge helps kids through an all-inclusive program of programs that push the student to be great and helps them grow,” said Schlage CaseBelt Company President, Phil Helms. “In developing this program, we had a pretty small opportunity to tailor something for a specific need, and then we were able to work with Dr. Emiko Salumä-Hima to give it scale and make it accessible to all students.”

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About Math Challenge

Math Challenge, the world’s leading program for inclusion of all learners with learning differences, offers a free online course focused on math success to enable students to build on what they know, discover, and improve their knowledge to apply what they’ve learned to real-world problems. Mathematics Challenge gives its ability to change the way learning is done in classes through a leadership forum for educators where multiple-subject professional development (PCe), topic-specific coaching, assessment, assessments, and data analysis tools are made available to educators around the world. Math Challenge receives significant participation from students and faculty across over 400 participating schools.

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