Learn How to Think: 3 Essentials for Problem Solving

Learn How to Think: 3 Essentials for Problem Solving

Learn How to Think: 3 Essentials for Problem Solving

When it comes to problem solving, joining with a team of people or discovering a solution to the problem may be the biggest challenge, and one that requires everyone to come together. But finding the right words to approach team members in a logical way can be challenging. In fact, the word “logical” has a wide range of meanings, making it difficult to know where to start to find your answer. The three above-mentioned brain teasers test how well you think by solving a real-life problem, and can spur necessary research as you try to get the answer you need. Simply be aware that you may have stumbled upon an idea you can use in the future, but also be prepared to just keep working until you solve the problem. As the wrong answer can eliminate your chance of winning, be willing to listen and continue to refine your thoughts in the background. For this information, and more on finding solutions in real life, read on.

1. Adam is in the act of smuggling drugs into a prison. He has to smuggle several packages of drugs into the cell. Before he drops the packages, he uses a five-inch magnifying glass. The first package is too large to fit in the cell door, so he walks around the prison before using the magnifying glass. He selects a random target and passes through it. The guard then approaches him. He only takes one look, decides he can handle the substance, and walks away with a clear bag. He returns to the cell and hands the drugs to Adam. It is a package of five pills. Adam hands them to Greg. Greg takes three, while the other two remain untouched. Which of the two did the correct deed?

2. Adam is sending a shipment from the city center to the prison on the ship. Adam leaves the car with only Greg and Robert. Adam is going to drop off some packages and then pick them up again. The cars picks up the packages and Adam returns, but only to drop off some more. It is a few days before the trip. To keep from getting lost in the distance, Adam walks in every which way. Meanwhile, the players decide to go fishing. The captain decides to go near a lighthouse to catch a glimpse of the ship, and lines up all of the players to have the best view. One player, Lili, sees an iceberg and decides she should fish from a rope pier in the harbor. She catches one fish, but all the others go with her. The captain decides to go with the one player who caught a fish to save money and avoid liability. Which of the two captains is more rational?

3. Jonathan and Heide have a conversation that goes south very quickly. Jonathan wants to know more about Heide, and he says it is time to go. Heide walks off, takes the ball with her, and turns around. She plays catch and doesn’t make a single throw. Jonathan runs after her, and the coach jumps in to take the ball. Jonathan’s coach leads the team on to the base, and with no throw, no fielders and no pitcher, Jonathan does not have enough wins to qualify for the final game. If you are asked to do anything sudden or crazy, such as strike out or make a brilliant throw, just remember that logic will win out.

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