How is Kindergarten for your preschoolers?

How is Kindergarten for your preschoolers?

How is Kindergarten for your preschoolers?

What makes this crew (Picture: MindShift)

The year that many newly-hatched kindergarten students describe as their most fun and learning year is their first. Many adults and many children had their first experiences of anything new, and sometimes first impressions are not always a good one.

We were able to sit down with several families of first-graders and we learned that that although the first few days of Kindergarten are “scary”, there are many new friendships, new times, new and exciting things happening.

Laughter trumps everything else

We learned that this group went to the circus (7 of them). They formed a makeshift tic-tac-toe game (5 of them). They sang songs (3 of them). They danced to songs, spent time building walls and eating puzzle blocks (2 of them). What one of them called a “baby time” she called “bliss time”. We were the only adults in the room. It’s important to understand that this crew spent the whole day in laughter, which helped to reignite their energy and reduce stress levels.

They are creative

They like to play, they like to be creative and they like to go up and down the beanbags in a common sandbox. Their creativity resulted in them having a game called “Imagine What?” which they had to create out of rubber bands and paper cutouts. It involved counting into 100s and being creative. They all made things out of napkins and rolled around the sandbox with candy. This camp highlighted being creative as it gave them an opportunity to learn how to problem solve.

They have freedom

“If you walk through a minefield and it has bunny ears on it, you put those back on. No, you put those on the pile of candy. No, no, you put the bunny ears back on.” It was wonderful to see a group of little kids agree with their self-proclaimed “leader”, Kelsey Shiah, that even if they stepped on a piece of candy or when they crossed a dangerous area, it would be OK. They understood that freedom meant that they would have to put the safe pieces of candy back on and if they stepped on something dangerous, it would be OK. They received messages of safety, they received messages of freedom, and they were received messages of playfulness.

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