Chess Master Krstan Krizanovskaic is a Master in Life Skills

Chess Master Krstan Krizanovskaic is a Master in Life Skills

Chess Master Krstan Krizanovskaic is a Master in Life Skills

Toronto, ON Canada (PRWEB) April 26, 2016

Teaching life skills isn’t something one is born with, but it can only be learned. Someone needs to pay attention and be present in the moment, regardless of how uncomfortable the task may seem at the time. Chess, a game of strategy and patience is as much an expression of that as anything else, and it’s no coincidence that Grandmaster Krstan Krizanovskaic leads this way. He’s a master who has studied the subject with a passion since he was a little boy.

“With chess, you always need to be prepared and keep your eyes on the ball,” says Krizanovskaic. “You always have to be aware of what’s going on around you.”

At a young age, he was playing tournament chess every day for fun. As time went on, he acquired a competitive edge. As an adult, he still plays tournaments, even though he doesn’t compete in them as much anymore.

His eyes, mind, and instincts are constantly going through what is happening around him, and it’s almost impossible to ignore this awareness. It’s something he learned from his parents, who ensured he was always surrounded by competition and striving for excellence. When Krizanovskaic had the chance to work with students with disabilities, he decided to devote his talent toward it.

“When I worked with the students in my chess class, it was amazing how much they picked up from that game,” says Krizanovskaic. “They got so engaged and were so interested in it. You could see they wanted to learn more, and they have been coming to me for years for some coaching in life skills, since it’s something I grew up with.”

He continues, “It’s important to find a way of life that suits you. You need to find things that you enjoy and keep getting involved in them. It’s a valuable lesson, as life isn’t all about doing well in school and in a job. I try to use my life skills to inspire students to get involved in education, sports, whatever they are passionate about. Chess is a unique way to achieve these objectives, but there are so many other opportunities out there.”

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