How to Self-Cope With Negative Emotions

How to Self-Cope With Negative Emotions

How to Self-Cope With Negative Emotions

We all have built-in ways of coping with negative emotions. However, there are times when our paths cross and we have a profound one-sided experience with a loved one, co-worker, or another acquaintance. When this happens we can have negative feelings for that person or an incident could profoundly affect us for weeks, months, or years.

A negative experience is more of a threat than an opportunity. In these situations, we immediately want to find out why or what to do differently next time. In order to bounce back, we also have to be conscious about how we naturally manage these emotions.

First Steps

How you handle negativity depends on your self-image, beliefs, personality, abilities, experience, mindset, and even you. If you have a tendency to take a hard line with others, it is very likely that this kind of feelings could impact your ability to cope.

Of course, there is a fine line between “hard-headed” and “responsible.” You can have strong beliefs that will always guide your interactions. However, you can also have strong feelings that could make others feel disrespected or even attacked. Over time, it is likely you will come to accept or even accept this feeling as a normal part of your personality. However, if you regularly deal with this type of negative experience and you do not feel the need to accept this experience, you may have learned to develop alternate ways of coping.

Work on Your Coaching Skills

There are plenty of ways to learn how to handle these negative emotions. One of the most helpful is to become an expert on coaching others. Knowing how to set boundaries, plan effective strategies, and fine-tune your responses to others who have bad days will greatly empower you to manage your own emotions.

Join a support group

Going to a support group for stress-management can be beneficial. Whether you are experiencing these negative feelings more often, or they are just happening to you at this particular time, counseling for stress management is important. People can share these emotions with a safe group, learn how to modulate them, and teach the others to cope in different ways.

Learn to Slow Down

This step is important for all those who are highly motivated. People who think about their goal on a daily or weekly basis tend to have little time for self-reflection. Knowing how to bring an even more positive focus to your daily life and activities can help you relax and get through tough times.

More Matters

Unfortunately, the good situations are overshadowed by the bad ones. The good situations are minor, and we can only focus on them during a relationship. However, the bad incidents can have an equally lasting effect. Although those who believe they are failures can see a silver lining on their poor experiences, they can carry those negative emotions for years. One way to shift the positive mindset is to look at the negative things through the lens of a positive assessment.

Adapted from We Talk About People, by Katrina Schwartz. Published by Crown Archetype.

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