Connecticut Life Insurance Co Upgrades Life Insurance Sales Methods to Employ Customers in Education

Connecticut Life Insurance Co Upgrades Life Insurance Sales Methods to Employ Customers in Education

Connecticut Life Insurance Co Upgrades Life Insurance Sales Methods to Employ Customers in Education

Connecticut Life Insurance Co (Connil) was recently recognized for its innovative approach to selling with in-force individual life insurance policies to kids.

The Sales Representative/Life Insurance Agent Appraisal study, conducted in January 2016 by NerdWallet, measured skills in account management, business development, insurance selling and customer relationship management.

The Analytics Institute (AIM) ranked Connil No. 1 for In-Force Sales to Kids.

“The Yale School of Management’s mission is to build leaders who help people solve problems,” said Dr. M. Elizabeth Koren, Director of Innovations at AIM. “To achieve that, leaders must be adaptable to changing circumstances and continually engage with the business to collaborate on bold new ideas. That is what we’ve seen in Fortune 500 life insurance agent Chaz Pratt, with the collaboration of Connecticut Life Insurance Co (Connil). The Agents Can Grade app we developed with Connil helped them develop educational techniques that can be easily applied to insurance sales teams, and we are proud to see our work being recognized for such a purpose.”

Pratt met with Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to make the announcement to the state legislature that his Associates Can Grade app could be used by all high school math teachers. Pratt also began using his Apps for Kids app in Connil’s online instruction portal. The result was half of Connecticut Life’s agent population downloaded the app by the end of 2015. The app was based on the successful AIM Interactive Application in K-12 Education for Microsoft Dynamics. Its content is designed to reinforce math concepts taught in the classroom.

Connecticut Life had access to the data for the Appraisal study before it was distributed to other life insurance companies. It presented the company with the opportunity to improve access to personalized information for agents and provide immediate feedback to Connil.

“Connecticut Life has taken an important step in our mission to make life insurance more accessible to more people,” said Mark Ruhnke, Senior Vice President, U.S. Sales. “In an industry that was just starting to create apps for children and connecting agents to schools, we decided to just create the apps. It was a little risky, but it paid off. Our success story is one of simplicity; the apps make learning and understanding financial information in simple ways easier.”

Connecticut Life has awarded these “Appraisal Stars” to associates for creative uses of technology, personalized and short user experiences, and other important sales and customer service measures.

By grading these ratings, AIM can help identify the most effective ways to bring personalized and easily followed knowledge to customers.

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This “Appraisal Star” is part of an AIM (Association for Interactive Entertainment & Education) catalog in which products are awarded 4 stars or better, based on pre-set criteria. Only three are awarded: outstanding, superior and exceptional. The catalog is available at

About AIM

AIM is an association focused on providing solutions for educators and K-12 consumers to meet their needs and expectations with technological information, training and services. The organization offers products and technology for the professional development of educators in public schools and curriculum and supplemental materials for elementary and secondary students.

About Connecticut Life Insurance Company

Connecticut Life Insurance Company is based in Shelton, Conn., and is licensed to do business in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The Company writes and offers life, health and accident products that are guaranteed issue, non-admitted, and life insurance of variable and fixed types that are issued and underwritten by Life & Health Insurance Company of America, also headquartered in Shelton, Conn. The Company has regional offices in Fairfield and Brooklyn, N.Y. Insurance contracts may be sublicensed to other states.

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