Why Listening to Podcasts Helps Kids Improve Reading Skills

Why Listening to Podcasts Helps Kids Improve Reading Skills

Why Listening to Podcasts Helps Kids Improve Reading Skills

There’s good evidence to show that reading patterns often start with children engaging in elementary school’s popular audio books and games, new research suggests.

That’s because those activities — along with sounding out a board game and reading about others’ experiences in outer space — foster the cognitive skills needed to expand beyond comprehension.

The study involved 118 children in first through fifth grades who were given practice tasks in which one stimulus led to the next, which led to the next.

Several of the stimulus tasks included one reading line from a board game and then holding up a board game card, for example. They also played the television show Bridge Junior.

Kids in the study who heard the board game content learned faster, had higher reading levels and were more likely to associate the content with rewards. They weren’t less likely to remember the content or the game cards.

To test the participants’ comprehension, the researchers asked them to guess how much longer the “previous stimulus” was.

The researchers wanted to be sure that the preschoolers’ cognitive development was not being influenced by the type of game and content they were exposed to.

“This is the first study to demonstrate that auditory-visual book-game hybrids are good for children’s cognitive development,” said lead author Mimiya Lui, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Georgia.

“The positive association for language learning suggests that audio books are not only good for children’s vocabulary and comprehension, but that even traditional sensory-based (visual and audio) content can improve language skills by directly linking language and a stimulus.”

The research will be published in the April issue of the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.

Source: MindShift

Photo: The research team looked at the actual sound and meaning of the words the preschoolers said. The increased literacy levels found in this study are actually caused by our brains coming to associate the sensory cues with words the kids read. Credit: University of Georgia.

Why Listening to Podcasts Helps Kids Improve Reading Skills

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