Top 25 Great Teachable Moments of 2015

Top 25 Great Teachable Moments of 2015

Top 25 Great Teachable Moments of 2015

How the ‘Hamilton’ musical is going to transform your teacher’s life

So far, the Tony Award-winning musical “Hamilton” is the most-requested item at the Leslie Taylor School of the Arts in York County, Pa. Since the classroom entrance/exit, as is the case with my own students, is only six feet wide, the school’s theater teacher, Elizabeth Borod, finds that students often ask to interact with one another throughout the evening.

According to Borod, some of her students perform musical numbers and meet in the auditorium afterward for impromptu dance parties. In another instance, Borod taught advanced acting in the morning, then lead her students to the auditorium later for a second round of taking acting classes. More of her students are taking advantage of the intermission-time to explore the interiors of the Andrew Hamilton house, which is now converted into a reading and history center. “As long as I can get students,” she says, “the show continues.”

“The musical intermission is a great time for teachers,” says Jocelyn Landis, President of Statewide Education Alternatives (SEEAL). “Teachers are able to talk with their students about the subject of the show, and parents are able to see what their students are doing, and can learn more about it from the teacher and from the students.”

Students often reach out to Landis after the show, requesting activities that might be taught during their class period.

“Whether they are interested in music or social studies, middle school and high school students interact with each other more during intermission,” she explains. “They can ask each other, and parents can ask them about what they saw.”

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