TechCrunch Games Tournament and Party

TechCrunch Games Tournament and Party

TechCrunch Games Tournament and Party

TechCrunch is here to help! Join us in our fifth annual TechCrunch Games, Tournament and Party at San Francisco’s Greenland from April 14th to 16th. If you’re looking for a reason to get out, then come out to this festival. Big game players, big game people, big time nerds in love with the gaming world will be lined up all day and night at the biggest tournament, party and festivities you’ve heard of. Hosted by Kjell Rofgren, the Battlefield champion, this is where you will witness some of the biggest names in gaming take the stage in the biggest tournament you’ve heard of.

Here are some of the games:

Dominate, Firewatch and Wolfenstein II are back for a second shot. Expect to find them in our early access bracket. Thanks to GeekyGag, we know that Firewatch will actually be coming out May 19th, so it won’t be long at all until you get to hang out in this stadium and pick from one of these addictive yet soothing games.

Beyond Bug Hunt will be returning. If you missed it last year, make sure to enjoy it this time around.

Overwatch is back to prove that it still tops this bracket, for its first time being in the main tournament.

Are you a fan of King of the Hill, Monopoly or any other tabletop game? You may see some of these teams battling it out from the Famous Machine Park.

We’re bringing our beloved Game Maker to this year’s event with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time. Come give the Ninja Turtles some support from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HQ!

A bit of sports action might be in store at this one. Try pinball for all the football fun you want at this tournament by Palo Alto Sports. If you want some chess action to take your mind off the soccer, make sure to check out this 2012 world championship champion, Fabrice Founney. Fabrice will be taking his skills to play chess and his board game skills to compete in our special 80s 80s 80s edition.

Game Designer John Tobias, whose game design success includes Pac-Man and Space Invaders is also back. With recent projects including Need for Speed and Ninja Gaiden Sigma, he is still making many waves in game design.

And for those in the East Bay who wish to hobnob with the East Bay’s tech industry, there will be one final gaming tournament to judge. The Pacific Northwest Independent Games Festival will be playing games to raise money for charity. Gaming is such a powerful metaphor for inclusion, expression and true diversity in the tech world so, this is a great way to get people talking about games at a fun charity event!

Location: Iceland’s Greenhouse, 3224 Lyon St., San Francisco

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