7 Ways to Innovate Your Digital Portfolio and Admissions

7 Ways to Innovate Your Digital Portfolio and Admissions

7 Ways to Innovate Your Digital Portfolio and Admissions

As digital portfolios continue to gain ground, offering a central way for students to showcase their academic and professional successes, the following considerations should be made by college admissions officers.

1. How are different ways of displaying your portfolio different from being a “real” college portfolio? What do success in other areas mean to an admissions committee? Is a visual representation more valuable than being academically and athletically adept?

2. The role of technology in receiving a fair presentation can be very difficult, especially for applicants who will be no doubt facing hundreds or thousands of resumes. Which of your digital portfolio tools will stand out from the rest? Which combination of digital portfolio tools does a student best employ? What will effective display of your digital portfolio involve?

3. What role does digital portfolio technology play in the university’s overall digital presence? Will information about your portfolio be displayed on digital portals as well as on pages on your academic and personal site? Is there a need for digital portfolio as well as other materials on your website? Is there a digital portfolio portfolio of your academic accomplishments on the university’s website?

4. What digital portfolio resources are available? What are some of the best digital portfolio assets on the market? What are the requirements and limitations of digital portfolio assets for school and students? What are the costs and benefits of digital portfolio sharing?

5. What is the best method of displaying your digital portfolio? Where do you create it? What materials do you use? What are the conditions of success for this asset?

6. Who is the best person to develop and implement a digital portfolio asset plan for your campus? What can your personal campaign consultants be helpful in developing? What are the skills and resources they can provide to educators?

7. What is the role of digital portfolio technology in fostering an ongoing relationship between students and educators through a digital portfolio? What are some good practices and the main strengths of digital portfolio?

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