7 Ways Being Your Own Decision Maker Can Change Your Life

7 Ways Being Your Own Decision Maker Can Change Your Life

7 Ways Being Your Own Decision Maker Can Change Your Life

Everyday is like being a kid again

On a rainy day, by day’s end it’s always a challenge to get myself through my day without breaking into tears. The kids always have the same problem when it comes to school. I work the only day I have, every day is like getting my hair cut.

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And one day, one of the kids’ teachers came up to me and told me that sometimes, on rainy days, the kids take pictures of the weather outside their classroom windows, hold them up, and imagine that they’re going to the beach! I guess it’s the easiest thing to do, is to take a photo and do some kinds of strange math so you can’t make any kind of assumptions or connections.

How awesome is that?!

On days like these, I sit in school wondering what I’m doing wrong. You know what else I wonder about? When I have a sick child or don’t get on time for soccer practice, what the heck can I do, how can I help them, what’s going to happen to them. I have to be quick and make decisions – because they might face some sorts of challenges.

What I can’t imagine is coming back to school tomorrow, and having the teacher be looking at you, totally submissive, and saying, “Well, you know, have a great day today and maybe you’ll get it right next time!”

I have to remember I’m the main decision maker. This is the learning center, and the key to success is the relationship with students.

And, if the decision maker is someone who will be submissive to the needs of the student, the student, and now the entire learning center, isn’t that the worst thing in the world? It’s like being a kid again. You have people who care about you, but they’re not adults.

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So I’m a strong advocate for us to own our decisions, in our learning centers. As I told this girl a couple of months ago, “I need you to focus on the things that matter. There is not one day in the year that you have to be here all the time. Your plan, your grades, the appointments – those are your days. For you, they are for six years.”

Sharing is the best teacher

I have to say, when it comes to our students, one of the best things is how good they are with me. They’re always willing to share what they know. They are always willing to help. I think they just enjoy me – because I give so much.

When one of my students was diagnosed with a brain tumor, I was so glad to work with him. I can remember thinking how in my life, I had one time a huge show and told everything I did. I showed everything I know and all my achievements – so I felt like a winner.

The other student didn’t do such a great job. And when I took him to the emergency room with his aggressive tumor, they just sat there waiting, letting him die on the table. I was standing outside the emergency room hall, shaking my head and screaming at the top of my lungs, “Call 911!”

And in my moment of extreme fear, I just put my arm around him and said, “No matter what happens, you’re going to make it.”

Think about your own life, in your relationship with the people in your life, when they don’t cooperate with you at all. Ask yourself, why? And if you’re faced with some tough challenges in your life, don’t fear any longer. Start to fight. You have to get the power back – and you don’t have to even explain why to them. They just have to accept the fact that they’re no longer allowed to do this.

Do you have any such experiences? I want to hear about it. Post a comment or email me: kelly_karzynka [at] aol.com.

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Kelly Karzynka teaches elementary students throughout Long Island and New York City about creativity and leadership, with the goal of helping them develop through their personal experience. She is the founder of CreateLogic Media, which produces a program called Research-Based Writing and Reading Incubator with Blackboard Online. Follow her on Twitter @kelly_karzynka.

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