5 Fun (and Useful) Things About GoodReader App

5 Fun (and Useful) Things About GoodReader App

5 Fun (and Useful) Things About GoodReader App

Whether you’re looking for a long lunch or to make a quick reply to a work email, the GoodReader app – packed with 100,000 English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese fonts and styles – can help you navigate the many fonts at your fingertips.

Etihad Airways’ most popular app presents popular maps, in-flight menus, and in-flight entertainment.

The GoodReader app has you covered. The GoodReader app (Amazon Appstore) gives you access to 100,000 fonts designed in 24 languages and a variety of supporting photo galleries and color schemes to print any image from the most popular mapping, typography, and the like.

Now’s the time to learn a new language.

With a common digital dictionary, many translation problems are easily solved. GoodReader translates over 50 languages, including English and French, which is perfect for travelers.

1. GoodReader also lets you download selected countries’ flags and flags for other countries.

2. Read, translate, edit, and add custom color schemes to your documents.

You can also grab images from third-party sites and save them to your GoodReader library.

3. Scroll through text, spreadsheets, and charts, and add arrows, font, and text.

4. Edit text on your documents, add links, and translate.

You can edit PDFs, images, and small text files with GoodReader. You can also edit HTML-based images that you want to take, like a recent design of an airplane.

5. Convert emails or other documents to another language and view saved images in new languages.

GoodReader, if you’re confused by a small font or confusing shapes, or if you want to see an image in the native language of a written document that you’re in, or if you’re just looking for a new font, the GoodReader is a great choice. The world is changing. It’s your time to learn.

The GoodReader is available for mobile devices for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, and Nokia.

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