MindShift Launches De-Cluttering Practices

MindShift Launches De-Cluttering Practices

MindShift Launches De-Cluttering Practices

Arts Integration Program Explores Ideas Within Production

MindShift, a leader in visual communication development, announced a new program to assist schools to creatively and deeply integrate arts into their curriculum. The program combines design methodology along with practice within the workplace to break the silos between work, arts and play. Both theory and practice are incorporated to move children away from compartmentalized assumptions of what is “constructive” and “defeatioio,” to new ways of thinking that encourage and inspire imagination and discovery. When children are brought back to the concept of everyday objects as heroes, they are also more apt to take seriously the responsibility of caring for our natural environment, balancing daily needs with our personal aspirations, and growing to believe in possibility for the future.

This new approach to teaching the use of the creative arts in educational programming allows students to engage their art outside of the traditional classroom, and to focus on their own thoughts and ideas in a developmentally appropriate way. This model is intended to remove any notion of “wisdom” or “experience” as being necessarily or necessary to make a great contribution to the world, and has the potential to enhance communication skills and develop a desire to love what we do, both professionally and personally.

MindShift provides special technological solutions to support organizations and businesses by providing them with low cost way-finding, light- and sound-generating visual communication devices; producing on-site educational programs; producing videos on brand identity, packaging design, paring boards and more; and working with organizations to implement and innovate visual communication programs for schools and families. MindShift’s impressive product line can be found on www.mindshiftinc.com.

MindShift Disruptor, a 3D marketing poster designed using the MindShift Disruptor Technology (MGX) is available to purchase exclusively at Amazon.com. All proceeds benefit Goodwill Industries.

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