Why some colleges are ditching the science lecture for hands-on learning

Why some colleges are ditching the science lecture for hands-on learning

Why some colleges are ditching the science lecture for hands-on learning

ROCHESTER, NY, Feb. 4, 2016 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — MindShift(R), a provider of transition management solutions for higher education, recently conducted the study “Hands-On Learning: Could it be Taking College Education Back to Nature?” which examines college curriculum, level and the perspective that colleges have of students.

How well are students getting the education they need? And is their perspective on the world that other students may never have experienced?

As part of MindShift’s education marketing research, they asked faculty to evaluate graduate programs and discuss both the theory and reality of such programs.

One professor’s response was telling: “I’m not at all sure that hands-on can be done. Is everyone switching to hands-on, or are they just modifying hands-on? My students come in as expecting a class with major modules so they can get some hands-on experience, then they are surprised with an entirely different focus, yet it is not student oriented.”

While the study found that hands-on learning was useful, it became clear that many colleges did not tailor the curriculum to ensure students had a good experience.

Another comment: “I’m very concerned about students assuming that they are going to be held accountable for their work. Most people who take this course do not see it this way. There is no financial responsibility required.”

Other comments said: “Students gain nothing”; “It seems like a waste of time and energy”; “Students could just as easily develop enough skills to do things themselves” and, “Teaching materials seem to be designed to bring students into class, but teach little about how to solve problems or what they should do in terms of hand-on learning.”

Seventy-three percent of faculty said they felt students should be held accountable for their work.

Why are campuses adopting hands-on courses?

Instructors say it helps them set priorities for their students and a better experience.

Twenty-nine percent of teachers and tenured professors say they have witnessed students not get their work done.

Thirty-four percent of professors said they believe hands-on is only valuable for upper level and more technical majors. One professor’s response described this belief as “pure ignorance.”

Thirty-three percent of faculty feel teaching assistants (TAs) teach more than they need to.

The goal of all of this education marketing research is to help colleges improve the student experience and enhance quality, not just create a budget for advisors.

About MindShift:

The company empowers higher education institutions to be more efficient by moving higher education from the classroom to the learning experience. It is a leader in providing transition management solutions that are based on technology, not degrees, to help institutions transition into the changing workplace and compete for high-quality students in a highly digital economy.

For more information, visit http://www.mindshift.com/.

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