Students gearing up for the end of the school year

Students gearing up for the end of the school year

Students gearing up for the end of the school year

Starting school back up after winter break is always nerve-wracking, and when it comes to scheduling class weeks and exams, it seems like every kid is looking for an edge. With a little homework help, all New Year’s resolutions can become a reality, which is exactly why the following questions come in so handy.

Question #1: When do I take tests?

Students anticipate taking tests during two parts of the year: class week and final semester. The early part of the year, around Thanksgiving break, is a great time to start taking tests. We have to remember, test days don’t always fall on a regular weekday. Check your schedule beforehand so you have a break from classes if necessary.

Question #2: Who is responsible for homework?

For the most part, when it comes to homework, all kids think the same thing: their parents are. In reality, teachers are primary caretakers. Before the beginning of the school year, start talking with your kids about who is responsible for homework. For example, if you know your child is overwhelmed with homework or a problem with his schedule or even a problem with a discipline issue, then the “who is responsible” question can be a good place to start. Next month, you can set up a time to have an adult present during the homework hour to help your child complete tasks and help set up homework routines.

Question #3: What can I do to help out others?

Kids are very self-centered and as we start to teach them about helping others, they are learning that it’s not just for those less fortunate that you are giving your time or money. Kids may not realize they are making a difference right now in helping someone else, but they will be more likely to have an impact on someone else in the future.

Question #4: Who is my role model?

I’ve seen this question pop up at home, and sometimes it feels like there is no one our children can look up to. Parents aren’t just role models for our children, but are role models for millions of other children around the world. If you can look at yourself as a role model, you can help your kids look to others and realize that there are limitless opportunities to help.

Question #5: How do I improve?

If your child’s grade is down, ask them if they are doing what it takes to improve. If the child feels that they are doing all of the work, feel free to have him or her do something else, such as spend time with other kids. It’s important to encourage your child to improve because it means they’re doing their part and recognizing the hard work.

Questions are one of the best ways to begin the conversation with your children about working toward their goals. Ask questions that help your child and encourage them, and positive outcomes will follow.

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