Music for Youth – The Power of Music Education

Music for Youth – The Power of Music Education

Music for Youth – The Power of Music Education

Fremont, Calif., February 18, 2016 – MindShift, a leader in the training of music teachers, announces a new webinar series centered on helping teachers leverage different musical styles to help kids grow into strong learners. Hear more about the benefits music education can provide for your students at

At present, children in all countries around the world struggle to reach the same educational milestones. An estimated 56% of children in Australia reach the highest academic standard by year 6, compared to 89% in China and 72% in Sweden. Many educators recognize that the biggest factor in childhood development is the musical experience. However, learning by ear is not enough for children – at least not yet. They need the structure and patterns, not just to hear a music theme, but to create music of their own. With the learning landscape rapidly changing, engaging in creative learning is critical.

That’s why MindShift is in the business of helping schools embrace the power of music. It is bringing together some of the world’s foremost experts on music education to host a series of webinars on how music can be used to positively impact the lives of children everywhere. The series has been designed by Stevie T. Kaye, CEO of MindShift and former Chief Creative Officer of Saatchi & Saatchi and Hudson Rouge. He’s one of the country’s foremost experts on how music connects with children’s development and provides a solid foundation for helping them understand math, science, literature, and other concepts. These 15 webinars will explain in depth the benefits of using music in learning.

“The multimedia nature of webinars allows us to present this content to an audience of trained music educators who can offer practical advice that is specific to their own area of interest,” said Stevie. “The webinars also give participants another way to share the findings of their work with other educators who may not know any better.”

“When I started teaching music to kids in 1981, I knew that music had the power to impact the future, but I didn’t quite realize it at the time. This period of technological change has given us an opportunity to reveal the truth of what music can do for kids – and this webinar series is helping us to do just that,” he said.

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The first webinar, appropriately entitled “How Music Affects Us,” will kick off the series on March 9th at 10:00AM PT. It will explore how music helps stimulate the brain to teach, what social and psychological benefits can be derived from music, and why it can even enhance the fundamental neurological processes associated with play and learning. It is then followed by “Musical Minds: How Childhood Brain Development Affects Developmental Trends in the 21st Century,” on May 5th at 10:00AM PT. The second webinar, “Smart Training: Unleashing The Musical Power of the 21st Century” features Nobel Laureate Michael Herr and Dr. Jay’dar Manji. Kaye and Hill serve as moderators of the presentation. It will explore how cultural and contextual factors play a role in determining how children move through the developmental stages. Finally, the series finale will look at the role of imagination in storytelling and relate it to language skills, space navigation, and musical exploration.

“Music does enhance language, promotes language comprehension, and enhances their ability to communicate with others. But if we want to nurture sound-based learning for children, the most powerful tools to tap into are imagination and imagination itself,” said Stevie. “Those with the best memories are the ones who have actually ‘drawn’ their first piano notes. That’s an experience few of us will ever forget. That is the power of music.”

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