The ‘Puberty Lady’ Tours Detroit

The ‘Puberty Lady’ Tours Detroit

The ‘Puberty Lady’ Tours Detroit

Recipetips’ ( new series, “The Puberty Lady,” profiles the very unique experiences women of all ages face during and after puberty. The target audience for this new multi-media web series are teenage girls of all ethnicities, as well as women of various generations and interests.

As women continue to experience changes and a transformation due to puberty, these experiences often influence their positive or negative opinions of themselves and their own bodies. In this series of free, semi-autobiographical webisodes, there are many frank and honest depictions of a variety of these experiences.

“With our first season of the ‘The Puberty Lady’ web series, we hope to help bring awareness to the issues of girl and woman post-puberty. We truly believe the insights of the subjects we discussed last season continue to apply to everyone,” said Mary Serjeant, recipetips founder and director.

The series’ debut, “Start Your Buds,” features two highly successful Detroit businesswomen, Suzanne Jones (owner of Organix Consulting) and Lashinda Franklin (founder of Director’s Guild of Dance Experience), sharing their own stories from the pelvic area. Suzy is diagnosed with breast cancer in this webisode and is sharing her journey of how she went from being afraid to have a child to being afraid to have surgery. Lashinda, who is the Founder and Director of Director’s Guild of Dance Experience, was diagnosed with dyslexia. She was candid about not wanting to let this disability define her.

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