MindShift Releases First Podcast for Teacher Share

MindShift Releases First Podcast for Teacher Share

MindShift Releases First Podcast for Teacher Share

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) January 26, 2016

MindShift, a startup dedicated to educating K-12 educators on the latest technology, has released a podcast as part of its recently launched “Stories Teachers Share” community on SoundCloud.

Just last week, a book by Lately Laith , founder of the blog Reality Teacher, was published. Lately Laith challenges traditional grade-school teaching techniques and focuses on helping teachers see and use the latest ways technology can offer fresh, creative lessons in math, reading, science, art, history, writing, social studies, music, computer science, technology, robotics, and many other areas.

“If our founder can do it, why can’t we,” says Jonathan Tsang , president of MindShift. “As a company and as individuals, we’re constantly working to make technology relevant, game-changing tools for teachers,” Tsang added.

No matter what you’re teaching, there’s a creative way to learn that could be made better with the right tools, as highlighted by this week’s podcast on the “Stories Teachers Share” community.

The segment, called “Some of Your Favorite Stories” is about teachers who use math, reading, history, and other classes to teach their students topics outside of the classroom. “We want to highlight teachers who inspire and make something bigger out of a school. It takes a village to educate a child, but only a few will be there in the end.”

The podcast features the following topics:

-Rigorous Math for all students, taught through exercises that don’t require textbooks.

-How people across the globe define time.

-The global movement to eliminate gender violence in art.

-What’s happened to lying and deceit.

-Making art to make Art.

-Taking art classes at school instead of at home.

-Being a second grade teacher and an artist myself.

About MindShift:

A kid-friendly, enterprising company with a revolutionary approach to teaching the world’s biggest technology conundrums. In a format that matches learning to its natural life cycle: Practice, digest, strengthen, share, and further an understanding of topics like learning without textbooks, tasks that are too intimidating for self-directed learning, and designs that can complement but don’t compete with visual literacy.

Questions for MindShift:

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