What Is “I Will Believe in Me”?

What Is “I Will Believe in Me”?

What Is “I Will Believe in Me”?

(CHICAGO, IL) – “Dear Student:

“Why don’t you believe in yourself?”

“Don’t listen to what anyone says or tells you. It doesn’t matter how good you are, who you are or how amazing you are, if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will.”

“Why don’t you believe in yourself?” – Cameron, Second Grader

In response to this question from a young girl, her Grade 1 class viewed a video highlighting the “Boy Scout Project” program, designed to help children and adolescents believe in themselves.

I Will Believe in Me is a program designed to make children and adolescents believe in themselves in schools and at home. Through this program, a teacher is able to meet the needs of every child in the class, in ways that will improve self-esteem and encourage students to act on their aspirations.

How the BSA Project works:

Since the program was originally created in 1998, the video and written materials have been used in over 12,000 schools nationwide. The program is available in full-length, TV-quality video, audio and animation format, as well as audio books.

Each classroom will have a BSA Project session, where students select one of four projects from a selection of over 30 options. Additionally, each classroom will be shown one of the selected clips, where the teacher can make an announcement that encourages and promotes the selected project, and students in attendance can discuss it.

After the session, the teacher is asked to write a short essay introducing themselves and a brief description of what the video clip means to them.

After the introduction, the video is played and the child who came up with the chosen project demonstrates how the project strengthens his or her belief in themselves.

“These videos can be fun, and the focus on self-esteem and personal empowerment makes this type of program an ideal learning tool for the educators and parents in the class.” says Denise Schmidt, Scout Executive for the Boy Scouts of America.

The subjects are taught and the material is incorporated into other curriculum, as well. A focus on student engagement has been developed for the BSA Project, which helps the student realize that an individual wants to do well in school, and supports that individual in helping the teacher and them feel good about their school work.

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