New book explores the importance of emotional and social skills

New book explores the importance of emotional and social skills

New book explores the importance of emotional and social skills

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Counseling is a vital part of any school, but when you have behavioral or emotional issues, will your child need help beyond the typical mental health counseling services? Like any school in the state of Indiana, Indianapolis Public Schools has its own personnel to work with at-risk students. But can these staff members become leaders in their students’ lives? A new book explores the answer to this question.

“Emotional and Social Skills” is the first major book about the subject of emotional and social skills. Writing in conjunction with MindShift, a national nonprofit organization, and leader in training staff members to provide services in the area of social and emotional learning (SEL), author Caren Gomer – Executive Director of SEL Education and Wellness for the State of Indiana, and Community Seeker– is the co-author of this book.

“For decades, schools, teachers, parents, the media, politicians and others have talked about the need for social and emotional learning for our children, but there’s been very little research to date to prove that there is an actual relationship between the two. Certainly this is a topic worth further exploration,” Gomer stated.

In the book, Gomer provides guidance on basic techniques and practices for emotional and social literacy in elementary, middle and high school.

“Emotional and social literacy is just a bit harder to wrap your mind around, but it’s important if we are going to educate, coach and parent our students about how to deal with bullying, promote their personal growth and well-being, and educate them about their fears and expectations of the future,” Gomer explained.

In the book, Gomer explains that developing a child’s understanding of social and emotional skills is essential for students to be able to confidently participate in the classroom and manage their emotions.

“We are lucky in our community that IPS has so many resources to be both a model school and community partner when it comes to providing personalized support for students in need,” Gomer concluded.

Highlights of the book include:

What is a Disruptive Youth?

Why have SEL support programs improved student performance in academic performance?

Tips for developing strategies to manage a child’s emotions.

What affect should social and emotional skills have on a child’s school and social life?

Creating an Ask Me Anything (AMA) website for ISD 550 community members to report experiences with at-risk students.

To purchase “Emotional and Social Skills” or for more information, contact Forcaster Communications at 765-324-1120 or email [email protected]

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