Learning in Authentic Ways

Learning in Authentic Ways

Learning in Authentic Ways

“There is the interesting principle of size…The chunk of a piece, in relation to its size, is always larger than the portion of the piece.…What this means in etymology is that when we think about size as our scale, it’s really that if we think of the world as giant, then by definition we must have two giant components: us and the world. In other words, if the world is large, then we must be large…We can be called dwarf fishes, for instance, or swallow fish, or scorpions; but I am not.” ~ J. Kenneth Terry

As a student of Science and Technology I understand the necessity of discovery through inquiry. It is what separates us from evolution. While we may find it difficult to grasp how the terms managed to coexist without extinction, time will grant us a better understanding of the complex ecosystem that is the human race.

A recent Internet Challenge was held that “Is driving your global well-being?” In pursuit of that goal I searched for the best example of the challenges involved in wanting to improve outcomes that existed for certain individuals while guiding people toward new paths for each other. I found the best way to explain the relevance of this Challenge to our current world was to enable me to engage in playing games. I had a difficult time understanding how that was helpful or necessary. More specifically, I experienced a challenge as to how playing this type of game could be potentially impactful in the way it could serve to shift people’s perspectives, behaviors, and behavior. I’ll explain how playing these games helped me to understand the challenging position many people are currently in, and the importance of playing “stealth tests” in order to learn how we can get in each other’s shoes before digging deeper.

The World Wide Web has enabled individuals to take on a variety of roles to help others navigate what they encounter or want to experience. This aspect of the web has greatly changed the way people approach everything they encounter and enable them to create a better world in which they can live. The social impact of the web is magnified when people can see their work and efforts have an impact on other people through looking at measurable data. The importance of looking at the impact of our actions is an excellent argument for the concept of perspectives and actions. But, in order to look at people’s perspectives, they must first know what is in each other’s shoes. As such, games are often the best vehicle for getting there.

“Of all the humanities, only the arts are conduits for information….” ~ Ignorance can be the best facilitator of understanding.” ~ Mike Dowell

The World Wide Web has transformed life in numerous ways as people have turned to a variety of different platforms for enrichment. Typically we think of a 2-year-old learning to read by reaching for a book, but there are other ways to accomplish this. Movies, games, and various educational tools are available for young children to explore and discover what they like. After the early years of discovery, older children begin to communicate with the outside world in a variety of ways. Music provides a good platform for some children, but reading, especially through books, is an avenue children can reach and enjoy. I would challenge all people to think about the different opportunities available to children and adolescents to take part in activities that engage them in an intense way.

Learning and growing must begin with you. We all have resources at our disposal to help us cultivate skills. Going beyond just consuming information is what forces learning to become personal. Education is the key to up-skilling. An important tool is entertainment, which can create a learning experience that can transform the way we connect with others. Through driving games, gamers learn from their activities and find ways to avoid making the same mistakes again. Learning from both thoughtfully and carefully placed actions are beneficial for all of us. Knowing what actions to perform so we can grow, and the resources at our disposal is the only way we can ensure the world continues to be a place where people grow.” ~ https://www.gmail.com/journ…

( Paul Darvasi is an Academy Award-nominated film composer and film producer whose work includes 50+ award-winning films. Follow him on twitter at @emcdp)

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