Innovation and giving back in collaboration with Children's Bureau and Iris-Tampa

Innovation and giving back in collaboration with Children’s Bureau and Iris-Tampa

Innovation and giving back in collaboration with Children's Bureau and Iris-Tampa

Creativity and talent are an integral part of every student and professional’s drive to succeed. To do that they must recognize their creativity and apply their diverse talents.

This afternoon at Children’s Hospital Tampa Bay the resource development organization Iris-Tampa was pleased to work with another sought-after partner, the Children’s Bureau – a national organization serving kids aged 0-14 – to donate 300 photos of students with dyslexia and ADHD to the Center for Progressive Integrated Therapy.

The photos, which are in eight color versions and an African print and 12 black and white, were photographed by teenagers from the Arcadia community. The youth have been helped by the ChildIQ group for more than two years to improve their various disabilities. The group works through the Arcadia Center for Progressive Integrated Therapy.

“This is a major partnership for us, to assist with this endeavor and for the Arcadia residents. It’s very gratifying to assist people in their recovery and in their lives,” stated Ben Yerex, Director of the Arcadia Center for Progressive Integrated Therapy.

Vicky Santora, the Public Relations Specialist for Iris-Tampa, commented, “We are very proud of this partnership. This recognition is testament to a lot of hard work.”

Isis Abad, 7, believes that with support from her community, everyone has the potential to achieve great things. One of the goals of Children’s Bureau’s campaign is to challenge the idea that everyone with dyslexia can’t even get employment or succeed in a job interview. Isis hopes that this will go a long way in supporting her special needs friends to realize that they too have a creative and boundless side.

Ajay Tillya, 9, hopes that someday he will be able to get a job, work in an office, and live in a new place. Not that he always knows it, but his “slippery” way of writing makes getting things wrong easier. Amar Patel, 9, likes to do drawings of what he wants to see. And Robyn Dunn, 9, hopes that she will grow out of her “cute” side.

With the Foundation for the Arts supporting the well-being of their special needs teens through these projects and programs, Iris-Tampa is pleased to have been able to help support this great project.

In addition to the Arcadia Center for Progressive Integrated Therapy, Iris-Tampa supports many other local agencies and programs, including Broward Gifted Academy and the Pines Youth Day Camp.

The Alliance for Innovation in Education (ANI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to funding innovative programs and projects focused on developing literacy skills in children and teenagers. The program is headquartered in Weston. For more information about this program, visit

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