5 Steps to Stay Focused on Your Long-Term Goals

5 Steps to Stay Focused on Your Long-Term Goals

5 Steps to Stay Focused on Your Long-Term Goals

Remember that talk you heard growing up where they told you to choose one thing and do it well? Setting things off becomes one of your highest goals when you avoid doing things halfway through or jump through too many hoops to get a few things done.

But the beauty of being indecisive about something is that you can’t go wrong if you stick with it, without committing to an outright decision yet. Why waste time? The solution is to change your focus. Once you’ve decided, keep the focus on those things, not on the decisions you’ve made.

Here are five steps to a focus program, from learned-through-hands-on-the-grind-workers of mine:

Keep track of that five-day workweek by taking a glance at your physical calendar before you’re off the clock. You can tap into your mood or calendar reminders at any time.

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Make note of the things that take up your time on a daily basis. They may be hundreds of minutes of watching the kids or doing errands.

Get your hands dirty and start working on your day-to-day projects. Even though you don’t have to sign up to do specific projects at a training program or small business, it’s important to figure out what’s most pressing or taxing and stay on task with it.

Brush up on your technical skills.

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Above all, get your steps, deadlines and your desired outcome in a priority order so that you focus on the things that need to get done. Life is too short to keep taking part in things that aren’t important. When you prioritize, it forces you to stay on track, stay out of the way and see the bigger picture.

Once you pick one thing, decide the process you’ll use to get it done. It might be frequent, limited breaks in order to tackle each task, or it could be binge-watching Boardwalk Empire or sleeping until noon so you can hit your targets. Pick one thing that works for you and stick with it. The more time you focus on these small, manageable items, the more opportunities you’ll have to accomplish bigger goals.

Once you’ve decided what to accomplish, focus on that.

Follow this formula for short-term and long-term action plans: If this is your major goal, no breaking for it. If it’s merely a short-term goal, consider the ways you can get the job done and put aside distractions and other distractions.

Working toward your overall goal isn’t always easy, and the times when you feel tired, frustrated or tense, take something else and get it done. The things that seem insignificant at times can be ignored for a while, until they find a way to take center stage again. Once you’ve decided what you need to accomplish, focus on that and get it done.

How do you stay focused on the things that matter most in life and your professional career?

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