3 Tips to Improve Your Career and Relationships

3 Tips to Improve Your Career and Relationships

3 Tips to Improve Your Career and Relationships

Increasing the number of hours required of top faculty

A career path requires adjusting careers to align with a unique set of needs and concerns. Most research shows that 30 hours is the number of hours to work at a certain level of productivity for each job. Therefore, any role needs to have two or more hours per day. This 2:1 ratio dictates a support team of managers whose additional effort is welcomed and extended. The problem is, as much as this job description requires frequent working hours, there is a limit to this number of hours for each professional.

Consider a high caliber teacher. The average hours devoted to a teacher are several hours a day and week, plus a lunch break. With additional work hours being required, this partnership may break down. Some teachers and their teams need at least 11 hours a day and can develop a career by working 24-hour days, but this isn’t sustainable at all. Even if the principal can be flexible with time and continued work, this is not at the same level as top faculty with average hours devoted to their work.

Is this applicable for all professions?

It is true that the relationship for one’s partner and spouse plays a significant role for our mental health. From reading anecdotal stories, the relationship model changes every three years. I believe our job provides comparable patterns to our relationships. As we mature, we gain more autonomy over our career, and the relationship changes with that growth.

Fortunately, with the increasing demands on the supply of top faculty, our leaders and organizations are working hard to step in and better fit employee needs. This may include more flexible schedules for upper-echelon faculty who choose to work an extra hour per day, but there is a limit to these hours.

As we work to develop strong partnerships with high-level educators, we must follow what looks like healthy balance and work to improve the quality of life. Your life is not a top job. This does not mean there is no work in your life, but you can manage the quality of your life and it will improve as well.

Here are three actions you can take today.

1. Listen to others

I was frustrated that high-level leadership staff at our organization were having difficulty getting support on large projects. So, I started listening to colleagues on the development team. Not only was I listening, but I was increasing my efforts in this area. I began working with colleagues on day-to-day operations, and learned that they were not able to effectively manage this workload. Knowing your colleagues’ work load and balancing that workload with a healthy work-life balance was critical. As colleagues continue to work at the same professional standard, we will continue to balance.

2. Stay alert and active

This is a critical piece of the job when looking for the right fit for your spouse and your career. Cultivating a proactive mindset allows us to work smarter, but also stay active. Many times, our jobs can get in the way of our health. Build momentum in your efforts and health, and take notice of how it affects your quality of life. Working from home, working regularly with professionals, or having a flexible schedule will provide you the flexibility to look after yourself and give you the ability to be more active in your life.

3. Stay focused on your strengths

High-level experts tend to be able to connect with students in a way that high performers all over the world recognize. We need to be aware of where we can come from and who we can serve. Seek out help from coaches, mentors, and colleagues. I worked on a project with a retired veteran that directly impacted our team, and, in turn, it affected the quality of our relationships and overall team success.

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