MindShift Announces New Cloud Based Learning Management System

MindShift Announces New Cloud Based Learning Management System

MindShift Announces New Cloud Based Learning Management System

MindShift Announces Development Of New Cloud Based Learning Management Tool To Help Organizations Improve the Way They Learn

Today MindShift announced the development of a new cloud based learning management solution – MCDeck that will help organizations and individuals increase their learning effectiveness, improve the way they learn, and develop lifelong skills.

MCDeck is a revolutionary, cloud based learning management system that has received extensive testing and approval from the Ponemon Institute, which conducted over 360 telelearning evaluations in 2014, with certified validation from GCU

Cities and universities that have already adopted MCDeck include: Ireland College of Technology, STM University of the West Indies, Waterford University of Technology, and University of Cambridge

“Skill building is a cornerstone of modern life, it is the foundation of any organization and every individual’s personal ambition,” says Tom Vogt, CEO of MindShift. “The days of just attending an MOOC, or sitting in a long distance support group are long gone, Learning has become part of our daily existence, and effectively it must be accurate and accessible in order to achieve any level of success.”

MCDeck is designed to streamline the learning experience and engage participants in a dynamic, relevant online environment to improve learning results. Here are the four main ways MCDeck has the ability to improve the way we learn:

Increase Effective Learning – MCDeck enables organizations to easily track learning, advance it, and measure its effectiveness from any device and within the browser. MCDeck also has a reCAPTCHA component that assures content authenticity by viewing both a real person and a machine using the same CAPTCHA programs.

Improve Infidelity Through Learning Analytics – With real time Learning Index Analysis, participants can easily discover and correct basic, complex and complex content errors. MCDeck also has an improvement engine that personalizes instructional videos based on prior and ongoing learning experiences so participants receive timely and relevant content at the point of highest impact.

Improve Enterprise Learning Organizational Effectiveness – Organizational efficiency means much more than just getting more done and MCDeck is built to quantify each learning experience and identify areas where goals can be set and tightened, which are key to making the most of big learning initiatives. This will reduce learning cost, time to decision, and costs related to errors and omissions and increase employee engagement and retention.

Develop Whole Lived Competencies in a Self-Sufficient Environment – At MindShift, we study the best practices in many industries and identify any broad trends we can easily implement. A long time focus on User Experience (UX) has helped us identify what a learning organization should look like. Over the past 15 years, we have developed a research based CMO rule of thumb of 5 square inches per day per customer. A Learning Organization shouldn’t waste time with activities that don’t personally matter to participants.


About MindShift

MindShift is a global leader in self-directed learning technology services and publishing. MindShift is headquartered in New York City with offices in San Francisco, Toronto, Singapore, and Madrid. We are committed to helping organizations and individuals train and improve their learning effectiveness and to help build lifelong skills that are critical to success.

Find out more at www.mindshift.com.

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