"Creative Pathways: Creating Success for Students and Families"

“Creative Pathways: Creating Success for Students and Families”

Katrina Schwartz

(IRL) By Katrina Schwartz

Since the start of the open-classroom movement in the early 1990s, school districts have placed great emphasis on curriculum integration and blended learning. Now, as policy makers look to build on successful programs and transform the way kids learn, many districts have begun to broaden the scope of projects they fund. As part of our commitment to support and empower students, we started to pursue multiple partnerships in local areas to support students through school and beyond.

Despite these efforts, there is much more we can do to help students and families thrive. The overwhelming majority of college graduates leave school without a degree, but according to the U.S. Department of Education, one in three high school graduates is still jobless or in school.

Today, schools are seeking creative ways to prepare students for careers, create pathways to their future jobs, provide them with important skills and experiential learning, and become a strong community hub. These areas of focus must continue to evolve to meet our current needs as well as the needs of the 21st century.

That’s why we were pleased to hear that San Diego Unified School District is expanding its Creative Pathways summer curriculum, which has served thousands of students in recent years. The district has designed a comprehensive summer program to be available year-round, both in the district’s schools and its community partner organizations, to give children a chance to experience more than just school.

About Creative Pathways

Creative Pathways’ College Bound summer and fall programs aim to prepare students for college while bringing students and families together for high-quality leadership training. Our programs partner with families and school districts in achieving social, emotional, and academic success; our comprehensive approach gives students and families the access they need to support their development. Our academic enrichment services, which include assistance in SAT and ACT preparation, career exploration, and community service and college preparation, have served more than 5,000 students in the past two years.

By Katrina Schwartz

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