Chicago Public Schools deploys “next generation CSI” -

Chicago Public Schools deploys “next generation CSI” –

Chicago Public Schools deploys “next generation CSI” -

MindShift’s clinical product, MindShift 1082, features the most precise source, data, measurement, and recording systems ever offered in the marketplace, enabling critical insight to be gained from real time functional activity and the ability to manipulate large amounts of data in the near real time.

Real-time analytics at its heart, MindShift 1082 is a powerful, practical, and scalable computational tool designed to capture a complete and real-time view of how individuals and populations interact and perform and how this translates into a complete and thorough picture of an entire community’s condition.

According to Dr. John Solomon, and professor of neuroscience at the University of Illinois at Chicago: “The first thing the CPS school system did as they began their work with the exercise of thinking differently was launch a website that provides their teachers and students with online access to their outstanding new MindShift project. This is a learning tool that by itself has tremendous value, but it is fully augmentable by the framework of the teacher training program.”

In fact, Solomon, who has been studying clinical science at UIC for more than 20 years, went on to say that MindShift 1082 represents a significant paradigm shift for the “CSI” school district, and is “a next generation CSI system that is replicable with other districts. It enables citizens and their families to share their very real experiences with problems. Just like Dr. Watson proved to be conversant in many languages, (MindShift 1082 is a) tool that will get young people to understand how the brain works.”

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