Budgets: Budgets: Growth Numbers

Budgets: Budgets: Growth Numbers

Budgets: Budgets: Growth Numbers

In his book, The Splendid Little Pranksters: Learning to Fool the World Without Losing Your Friends, Steve Marks summarizes four vital building blocks for expansion. In his book, Marks not only developed an overall growth strategy for his company, but also tips for getting other people to follow suit.

Three common premises of growth are:

1. Be the One Who Improves Your Product/Service or Business.

2. Create an Attractive, Efficient Business Model.

3. Be an Advantaged Provider of a Solution.

The point is, you should remember this from the beginning to be an effective innovator. That being said, determining how to get others to follow your methods is ultimately up to you.

On this particular note, a number of people subscribe to certain beliefs regarding the direction of their life. One such belief is that success comes by being the “idea” behind the “thing” you are promoting. Another believes you should go into business as a person as opposed to the entity you are promoting. And yet another, as mentioned above, believes they need to either go out and create the solution or they will never achieve success. With this being said, how does this affect our productivity and growth?

From a growth mindset perspective, the idea should first be understood. What I mean by this is the idea that the success in the business is primarily due to the fact that the entrepreneur did an excellent job in implementing the solution. Being a proponent of growth, it is seen as an opportunity to constantly evolve as you improve your techniques and if it fits in with what you have been doing. If you have done a good job and haven’t made a success of your business yet, don’t feel like you have not done your job. Try that 10,000 times. Most likely, you will find you’re more likely to succeed.

As someone very familiar with the struggles in the modern world, I see growing as a necessary option to achieve many things. Perhaps the ultimate objective is to move up the corporate ladder to more successful businesses that are a further goal of yours. From a growth mindset perspective, this shouldn’t even be a question. Your next step shouldn’t be to attempt to look a certain way or to be different because “it’s the big time now”. Your next step should be to take steps to improve your business or product, even at the risk of “not fitting in” with others. Growth is not a target to be met and achieved and being successful is something you keep moving on towards.

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