Get a sense of control during the day with this e-mail service

Get a sense of control during the day with this e-mail service

Get a sense of control during the day with this e-mail service

College students are always on the go and many of them are having trouble maintaining a grip on their day-to-day lives. Some students have the best of intentions and they desperately want to make it big and achieve goals in spite of all the obstacles along the way. However, others have no clue as to how to manage time and their to-do lists never seem to turn in.

There is an app that can help students make time-management a priority, and it comes courtesy of a new form of e-mail software, both professional and educational. And that’s thanks to a little-known feature of the notification system built into it, which is providing some much-needed guidance and relaxation when it comes to tackling life’s daily tasks.

In our opinion, it’s no surprise why so many students can use the app, as it goes way beyond essential information. So, you’d think that it would also streamline the process of scheduling meetings and meetings with you teachers.

However, we’re not sure this new app is doing anything beyond presenting background information, or allowing users to organise their daily tasks with ease.

It’s a concept which is especially laudable coming from the makers of the app, as we’ve seen many educators have issues with their students applying for jobs – and this app would act as a source of assistance during the recruitment process. Furthermore, it could help improve the quality of job applications by facilitating conversations with students to make sure they are putting in the necessary effort, and not getting distracted with all the social media.

But, are these the kind of features which a lot of students require? Not really, as most parents have a far greater expectation of their child than they should. Plus, they tend to manage their own expectations, so we’d hope this alert system isn’t just a catch-all to hang the student’s hat on.

It could, though, help to give students a bit of a cheer in the morning, when they get home from school and need a bit of time to breath. After all, what if everything you do is interrupted by notifications and you need a bit of a reprieve from the barrage of social media updates, phone notifications, and everything else that is constantly being shouted at your face?

We’ve all been there – especially those of us students who have had to get used to texting and chatting with parents day and night. And while we would tend to blame ourselves for being too preoccupied, we shouldn’t forget how parents sometimes just think it’s more efficient to text us than stop on the road to pick up our pre-selected bag of laundry from the laundry room.

But what if the notifications were distracting enough that we might actually take a moment to do something like wash our own clothes rather than texting them?

In case it weren’t clear enough, this is exactly what’s happening to students everywhere! The sensor on the top of the app is constantly telling students when to take breaks, and what the advice is for is sometimes nothing more than to go to the bathroom.

As if students’ days are not made miserable enough with all their other obligations, those daily pressures will also often get in the way of their performance. However, many students simply accept the warnings which are too often directed toward them as good reminders, when really, they should simply remind themselves not to text their parents and have a more productive day.


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