Lesson Study: What Teachers Can Learn from One Another

Lesson Study: What Teachers Can Learn from One Another

Lesson Study: What Teachers Can Learn from One Another

How teachers in the classroom can increase learning by observing one another

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Sept. 14, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — MindShift, a national provider of business information and analytics for teachers, announced it has been recognized for the eighth consecutive year by Irvine, Calif.-based International Research Partners, Inc. for the Best Practice for Transforming K-8 Classrooms program.

MindShift, with its education research partnership program, was the only company profiled this year.

“The one thing we found that makes this award even more notable is that in recent years we’ve watched the overall numbers (k-8 combined) declining year-by-year,” said David Carroll, program director for the K-8 specialist. “Our partnership with MindShift allowed us to reinvent that classroom for a more personalized learning environment, which resulted in more students and teachers learning.”

This study was in response to the mid-2011 survey results of teachers who worked at after-school programs (939 participants). The study asked the teachers “How did your classroom work over the past school year?” and also “How did you learn about things to do?” and “Did you feel challenged?” and “Did you feel challenged in your efforts?”

Based on the survey results, the participants identified three characteristics that improved their learning.

-Number One, helping the students achieve more individually as “valuable information that each can learn while working closely together,”

-Number Two, “Facilitating an environment in which teachers felt they could make real world use of the knowledge they shared,”

-Number Three, “Real-time interactivity with others in the classroom was essential to their learning.”

MindShift’s program was able to fulfill each of the three criteria, assisting the teachers from working at a group perspective, helping them learn how to make those connections, and helping them make better connections between their observations with the instruction their students were receiving, according to the study.

According to the study, in the past two years there have been 29 surveys completed and 80 teachers surveyed. The study also received 10 years worth of data on instructional support from about 300 teacher samples, and other data on K-8 growth and expansion information from 677 teachers.

“It’s a powerful evaluation tool,” said David Carroll. “Since it focuses on just school year trends, it can’t really be used for long term trends. The results of this study are most useful for teachers, as opposed to K-12 demographics.”

For more information, visit http://www.mindshift.com/.

About MindShift:

MindShift, with offices in San Diego and Orange County, provides teacher-focused business and economic analysis for schools, districts, companies, trade associations, and nonprofits through research and a user-friendly online platform, with experts strategically engaged to answer questions and provide results for educators and school and district leaders.

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