Is cultural diversity good for learning?

Is cultural diversity good for learning?

Is cultural diversity good for learning?

Similar characteristics of cultural differences

Psychologists have found that there are numerous similarities between successful people and those who are performing at their highest levels. New findings show that cultural background can aid students in doing better on tests as well as in other parts of their lives.

Psychologist Matt Stankewitz believes that people who have a broad cultural background tend to be more open-minded than people who come from similar backgrounds. While the people who come from a similar background will still be able to have a broad cultural background because they’ve gained more experiences and have valuable social skills, the fact that these people may be more open-minded may actually lead to more success for people who have been more exposed to cultural diversity.

People are simply more open-minded if they have more experience in a cultural setting. A great example of this is when someone talks about a celebrity that they idolize. These people may have grown up watching those celebrities and identifying with them.

The people with specific cultural background can be one of the things that lead to success, while those who are from the same background may not be motivated to achieve as much as others who have been exposed to different cultures.

So what about a culturally diverse student?

Even if they were exposed to a wide range of people and cultures through their entire life, they may not adopt those habits they’ve been taught in that environment. On the other hand, students who have grown up in certain cultures may be more susceptible to adapting those skills.

If your student feels comfortable in that group environment and the culture that it supports, this may influence how well they do. If your student has been socialized outside of that group and might have more multicultural interests, it may influence how well they do in the group. It is important to always encourage cultural diversity because it can actually help someone succeed in school.

Another helpful tip:

Try to give your student an opportunity to sample their culture when they are around other people. That may be a good way to teach them how they might interact with others from different backgrounds.

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