More than numbers: 5 challenges to education innovators must tackle

More than numbers: 5 challenges to education innovators must tackle

More than numbers: 5 challenges to education innovators must tackle

There’s no foolproof formula for predicting America’s top innovators. Because the promise of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates was predicated upon many talented minds who’d built careers because of their passion to disrupt existing industries and educate students of all backgrounds. Consequently, all of those individuals would bring innovation to educational systems as well. But when what isn’t hard to predict is whether or not all of the people to gain advantages due to their skills are truly smart kids, there’s the risk of undervaluing innovators with bright futures.

As a business analyst in the area of market intelligence and prediction, my job entails developing software products based on evidence of business problems, organizations and opportunities. Often, I refer to this analysis as “intelligent prediction”. And in their 2012 report “Smartest Kids,” Business Intelligence Industry researchers identified five challenges that face educators and parents – and hope that we can address these challenges – to become smarter in predicting their respective kids’ future success.

1. The biggest challenge researchers were concerned with was identifying what scholars believe to be important for young people to learn in the classroom.

2. Researchers believe the biggest obstacle in achieving greater success in education is not lagging in arithmetic as kids get older but in the basic concepts of mathematics and geography and effective communication skills.

3. Researchers also believe that remaining competitive in society will require improvement in the areas of cyber security, globalization, fast food, construction, medical devices, diet and nutrition, cooking, automobiles, finance, athletics, aviation, robotics, and automobiles.

4. Researchers believe students will need to develop creativity in the realm of art and nature appreciation and have substantial knowledge of how to enjoy the natural wonders of America, the world and beyond.

5. Researchers believe that the skills necessary to be successful in the world of business will include research, data analysis, financial forecasting, and risk management.

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