MindShift Project Celebrates 2016 Launch with Play

MindShift Project Celebrates 2016 Launch with Play

MindShift Project Celebrates 2016 Launch with Play

Parents, students, and educators may not realize that children have different needs. Each needs developmentally appropriate resources and tools to develop their talents.

Reciprocity between teachers and students.

The World Economic Forum conducted a study of 715 teachers in 14 countries in its 2014 Global Shapers Report. It found that the top obstacle to teacher retention is a lack of personal and professional support; 82% of teachers agreed. Another survey of teachers in the United States, China, and India shows that 70% of teachers report that scarcity of resources limited their ability to provide the types of activities, lessons, assignments, and schools that students need. Teachers cite lack of teaching resources, lack of time, instructional support, and resources.

Managing Self-Doubt and Anxiety

Here is a great, simple idea: People need clear boundaries, with flexibility and abundance of support from others. Manage your anxiety by making space for play, teachers, students, and adults to work together in order to cultivate passion, strengths, and competence for learning.

In addition to setting boundaries, think of a productive activity for your family, friend, or professional. All can help you and everyone you care about to break-out of self-doubt and anxiety that are like a very deep mental and physical hangover.

Making Play a Tool in Your Toolbox

Here are some ways to embrace play and connect with children:

Talk to children about where they learned the skills in the school, seek out playtime activities that focus on the past, present, and future. Model collaboration and the value of being trusted to solve problems. Engage in helpful activities with students and adults. Build a play structure that helps children build character strength. Play creates an opportunity for children to explore who they are, what they are interested in, what they love to do, what they would like to do, and what they would like to accomplish. For parents, play is about taking time to engage in fun activities together as a family or community.

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