Hey Bart, Hello Leonard, Hello Theo!

Hey Bart, Hello Leonard, Hello Theo!

Hey Bart, Hello Leonard, Hello Theo!

NEW YORK, NY – The Big Day is arriving for millions of kids, the latest generation, ready to get back into the classroom and have everything in place for school success. Their parents are setting the tone, and you may want to give a little extra love to your child with some uplifting and possibly a little annoying back-to-school content, such as a wacky teacher hotline number, a humorous book illustrated with personal pictures of children, or a funny take on the new L.L. Bean catalog, how about “Hello Bart, Hello Leonard, Hello Theo,” a favorite among parents.

Here’s just one example from our archive of cute and cuddly back-to-school items.

Pep Talk: “Hello Bart, Hello Leonard, Hello Theo”

L.L. Bean: Meet Hello Bart, Hello Leonard, Hello Theo.

Hi Bart, it’s me. I’m your Daddy, friend of Bart, the daubergartener of the daubergartener.

Hi Leonard, it’s me, also called Daddy, friend of Leonard. I like to hold you, talk about you, and watch shows on your little walkie-talkie.

Hi Theo, it’s me. What’s on your mind? Leo, I’m Theo, little brother of Bart, daubergartener of the daubergartener. Can you play a tape of Dice Back Slide? Thomas Rex, our old man (relic) wears cross-stitch socks and twine. He wears them on his feet because they used to be his feet. When I tell him to do something, I say, “Screw ya, Thomas Rex. And I tell Bart that, too. And don’t forget to have fun and never stop listening to my little puppy.

Welcome to summer camp where we do all kinds of interesting things with your friends and make each other laugh. The food is delicious, the staff is really funny, and the rest of the camp doesn’t know what you’re doing, but you think you know them. The tent is so big and the place is so big… Where you have ice cream.

Also, good luck with your doodle-making, jokes, songs, and activities. But more important, all your friends are so glad you are now a part of the camp community. It’s so nice to be a part of camp. And I am so happy to have you.

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