What do Students Lose by Being Perfect? Valuable Failure

What do Students Lose by Being Perfect? Valuable Failure

What do Students Lose by Being Perfect? Valuable Failure

What do Students Lose by Being Perfect? Valuable Failure

(BPT) – The professor yells at them and the student gurgles, but what if I told you that while they were in class, they did not succeed as much as they wanted to? If they had been successful the semester would have been a big success for them. On the other hand, they would have failed miserably and that would have signaled the beginning of a rocky road for them. The average student wins in the majority of the classes that they took and they achieve at an even higher rate when they are failing.

While failing does not carry the same stigmatization as failing in a classroom setting, students still pay a price. Failure often calls for a brand new approach to how they get to know the professor and the class. If you’re a graduating student who is finding it difficult to afford college on your own, you can try your best to balance between getting a job and finishing out your degree while having some sort of college.

Reaching your full potential

What is the path that you must take to grow as a person and to reach your full potential as a student? Here are a few concepts to consider to help you move towards that goal.

Learning and growth occur when you are a student. When you are learning by doing and getting a job, you are not developing your future self. Making the effort to learn the skills that you want to learn is easier said than done. If you are struggling to find the opportunities to develop your own future self, this might be a reason why you are not making use of the opportunities that are right in front of you. Getting a job and gaining a degree all require the same skill sets. Without those skills, there is no hope for getting ahead in a field that you are interested in.

Opportunities for growth

In order to grow and make the most out of the opportunities that you have in front of you, you need to exercise self-control. This means that you need to make good decisions and stick to them.

Good decisions could be spending time on your own learning. This will help you put your future in order and shape your abilities as an individual. Or, it could be considering whether or not to stay in school.

Different side of the coin

If you are contemplating quitting school altogether, consider the alternatives. If you decide that it is necessary to be in school, you might have to make a list of the pros and cons of studying. Look into the long-term benefits of having a degree. Every educational arena brings with it great opportunities, careers, mentors, and a healthier workplace.

Because you might be thinking about changing directions, that might be the time to use the experience that you have gained already. Taking something that you don’t believe in, but do know you have to get on the right track, it could become your building block. Look at your plan as a whole – what is your goal? What are the small steps that you take along the way and how do you go about them? These are some of the big picture questions that you need to consider before ending up in this situation.

As far as the steps that you take, what is the reward in front of you? In short, what is the new value that you are going to bring to the world?

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