MindShift University Presents Session #2: Hidden Costs of Work!

MindShift University Presents Session #2: Hidden Costs of Work!

MindShift University Presents Session #2: Hidden Costs of Work!

MindShift University is Bringing Research-Based Entrepreneurship to the University!

The SleepBetter On Campus™ program is a Silicon Valley based program that delivers learnings from Silicon Valley to the Midwest. It uses Neurofeedback techniques for team building, stress management, and overall Wellbeing. Its all customizable and can be easily adaptable to each individual’s needs. MindShift is a privately held company with 3 full-time offices in San Jose. Learn more about MindShift’s proven approach to boost productivity in your business at www.mindshift.com

*Abstract and Session Schedule

Phase I: Learning the Secret Sauce

This program starts with analyzing the most common myths of work-life balance. There’s a lot of misinformation about work, so here’s a quick summary of what you can learn from real research to get away from the work horse and cut your work-life balance with MindShift University.

Session One: Hidden Costs of Work

Lack of sleep, lack of exercise, work stresses, and a very specific kind of fear about how long you’ll be working with a perceived lack of freedom to change your hours: these are things that many employees experience on a daily basis. Then we address all the myths about work, and why it doesn’t affect people at all in terms of putting them out of a job or different company, and what we can do to reduce all of these aspects.

Session Two: Unplugging Mind

We start with an intro to Mind Shift and get to the nitty gritty of how it’s beneficial for the employer and employee to have this type of approach to work and life. The whole purpose is to get people to relax and have a great time, not stay all day and sweat.

Session Three: Think Big

By this point, we get to the topic of innovation, mindfulness, and the idea of thinking big by putting all of Mind Shift into a four-day program, giving people a full understanding of the methods you need to make these methods a reality in your life.

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