Math and Engineering Students Lead the Way to Innovation and Design

Math and Engineering Students Lead the Way to Innovation and Design

Math and Engineering Students Lead the Way to Innovation and Design

EAST AURORA, NY, July 30, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Anyone who’s eaten pasta knows the importance of proper eating utensils. Sure, they can add to the flavor and fettle of the dish, but they also call for basic thoughtfulness and good table manners.

Say hello to AvanteRig Fiber Technologies. They’re on a mission to change the way the world thinks about what goes into the bowl and pantry.

Co-founders Ziv Sharon and Yahu Cohen forged out for the emerging talent of high school and college students in math, engineering, and electronics. Their goal: spark curiosity in their students about how the world works while drawing them into the fields of innovation and engineering.

And the results have been tremendous.

“We know from experience that this information opens up careers in a lot of fields,” says Tristan Murray, Director of Supply Chain and Business Development at AvanteRig. “But what we have discovered is that students are more and more interested in the fields of engineering and science, and that it goes well beyond STEM.”

Just ask the winners of the team leadership dinner from Horace Mann High School of New York City. They’re enrolled in a partnership between AvanteRig and the Science and Technology Studies Academy, a secondary school located near Harlem, New York. AvanteRig paid for a student trip to Microsoft, and the team was a finalist in a Young Minds Competition. Last year they spent time on a “once in a lifetime opportunity”: micro-entrepreneurship training at Snap-on and Wrangler Workshops.

And this year, they’re taking home a varsity nickname, too: The Krewe.

“We are going to New Orleans this summer,” says Jermaine McClendon, a senior at Horace Mann, excitedly. “We’re taking AvanteRig with us. We’re going to create a prototype where we’ll ride on a solar-powered bicycle on the Grand Canal, and we’re going to crowd source the ingredients. And we’re going to provide a real-world solution for this whole process.”

AvanteRig is open to all seniors, underclassmen, and all kinds of students in the public or private school systems, grades 7-12. They’re not affiliated with a specific university, or program or business. But they are a source of cool information, education, and support for anyone looking to join the march of engineering. They’re an exciting, thought-provoking organization whose mission-especially in the face of such calamities as climate change, the spreading of poverty, and other threats to our planet – is to give students and the world a better perspective about science, technology, and even design.

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Photo Caption: Students from the Science and Technology Studies Academy in New York City at a Leadership dinner and prize-giving ceremony.

NEWS SOURCE: AvanteRig Fiber Technologies

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