Group Develops Interactive History Game

Group Develops Interactive History Game

Group Develops Interactive History Game

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — College students across the country have many options for learning history in a new way, but one program gives students a view of the past never seen before.

“You can get a sense of what people would have been thinking, but there’s no filter to block out emotions and backgrounds,” Sethia was told CBS2’s Meg Baker.

In this immersive video game, the player actually occupies the role of a Founding Father. They have to figure out which questions leaders would have been asked and what message they would have wanted to put forth to the American people.

The group “Namadises” made the game to encourage students to take a stab at history.

“We are all human. I think that that’s one of the biggest barriers, of people are willing to put in time, put in effort to try and get themselves better to understand people who are sometimes difficult to understand,” student Ben Lehatova said.

Jonathan Leahy, an assistant professor of American History, said the new game could bring the history classes he teaches back into the classroom.

“It’s open ended enough so that anybody can use it, anybody can apply it to their own learning, and not just for one particular generation or one particular group of people,” he said.

But then there’s the question of safety.

“There are a lot of amazing and interesting game experiences out there, but you get into all of them and you think, how are we going to make that safe?” Leahy said.

Students at the Humanities Institute say the game gives them a greater understanding of the past and a better feeling for the future.

The game is free and in development, the Humanities Institute said.

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