Learn for Kindergarten Age? Never Mind!

Learn for Kindergarten Age? Never Mind!

Learn for Kindergarten Age? Never Mind!

Don’t let the “kindergarten hassle” discourage you. A new class is making its way to Santa Barbara County, offering a unique approach to kindergarten designed to get younger children ready for their first day of school.

The concept is simple: focus on the skills and fun of a traditional Kindergarten, but in a way that lets kids experience those skills, and get lots of time to explore the world around them.

It’s exactly what Swedish parenting blogger Lisa Lindnes noticed a few years ago and decided to try it at home. “We wanted to figure out a way to do it for children to help them become independent but still have a structure so they’re ready for the big kiddie school where every animal is on the grass with a ball,” she said.

“We decided to do it in a bigger way that put toys and art projects and games alongside with actual theory.”

That idea became The Little Learners Kindergarten. With an innovative layout, free-form study and play-based curriculum, that first kindergarten has “been designed for a new generation of child and parent,” according to its website.

Lindnes, who launched the program herself after a year and a half of teaching in kindergarten, said her new approach struck a chord with parents, many of whom shared a similar experience.

“A lot of my kids’ friends were learning with formal education or tutors and I couldn’t bear the idea of my daughter spending a year with a tutor because I knew the best preparation was for her to really do it herself,” Lindnes said.

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