7 must-have school apps for collaboration

7 must-have school apps for collaboration

7 must-have school apps for collaboration

If you’re a frequent school visitor, you’re probably already familiar with a few of the most popular online classroom apps, but which ones are “essentially half the battle”?

After a research trip this summer to 15 different different schools, I have come to the realization that each school has its own unique technology for classrooms. Some of the examples I can attest to as teachers are mostly well-known, while others are on the cutting edge.

I use Brightboard (Pinterest!) and Nagemelo (Facebook) at my school for collaboration while I learn how to use other apps I’ve heard of, but are not named. Here’s a list of my favorite apps for working with colleagues in schools:

SlideShare (LinkedIn)

– Allowing for teachers and students to collaborate in ways that seem like two different systems are easier to learn for students.

Annotation tool allowing teachers to join in and add their comments, as well as take control from the student.

Open Culture – Open Culture offers free content from 1,726 artists, 50% of which are from Canada, making it the best Canada-focused site I’ve encountered.

– An open environment for cross-school discussions without censorship, and the ability to attract a diverse audience which pushes acceptance.

Google Classroom – Google Classroom is one of the better teachers-as-platform solutions. No Internet connection and still able to post, share content, and track feedback through class notes.

GoMo – An app that includes tests, assignments, study guides, schedules, and diagrams. Kids are able to interact with these items and provide feedback.

Conversation Starter – Allows the creative minds in a classroom to brainstorm ideas, outline projects, and send updates via mobile device.

Social Teacher LinkedIn – Allows teachers to add their level of expertise and reach other educational professionals within their school.

Wireless Classroom (Microsoft) – Wireless Classroom enables you to embed Bluetooth dongles on devices to synchronize the teacher and student work across the entire school.

Remember: the tip is not for the teachers alone. It’s really for students and parents to help children understand the value of technology in the classroom. This will help them better understand that they are engaged in their education, their skills, and their learning.

To find a different favorite app, be sure to check out our list of the top school technology apps for learning.

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