Food Justice & Mind/Body Connection

Food Justice & Mind/Body Connection

Food Justice & Mind/Body Connection

Engaged Minds, (EM, LLC), the leader in MindShift Evidence-Based Parenting & Solutions, announces the release of evidence-based parenting strategies for a mind/body connection at food time. By developing eye-to-eye awareness of how our next hunger fix could impact us physically, verbally, emotionally, cognitively, and even socially, our children grow up better adults.

EM, LLC leverages the critical issues of food science, nutrition, and well-being from over 50 peer-reviewed journals and 80 years of research in the United States, England, and Australia. EM, LLC’s comprehensive methodology outlines:

Preoccupation with fast foods.

Low emotional attachment to the foods we eat.

Lower emotional, verbal, cognitive, and physical responsiveness.

Poor overall food quality.

Dietary breakdown of essential nutrients.

Traits, capacity, and function of adolescents in terms of nutritional and behavioral biomarkers.

Teaching Empathy, Emotional Well-Being, and Positive Body Relationships

Research shows that people who eat mindfully (but not mindlessly) make smarter food choices, are better able to evaluate food merits, and are happier and healthier.

Less self-focus.

Better control.

Swifter appetite control.

Supportive and non-critical self-regulation.

Finding happiness in the simple act of food tasting, remembering, and processing it.

Reading about and having empathy for the foods we eat.

Young children don’t learn empathy by being told, “eat less,” “grow up,” or “don’t cry.” The inability to recognize other people’s discomfort with our actions, want, or inclination to eat is a slippery slope. Hopefully your child will have an appreciation of food as a way to connect with others, understand the body’s needs, and make more informed food choices.

Through the EM, LLC’s research and the process of mealtime, parents can reinforce effective eating practices with their kids that help cultivate in them self-empathy.

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