The Sustainable benefits of Nature

The Sustainable benefits of Nature

The Sustainable benefits of Nature

With most schools now going into recess, it is important to understand that learning in the nature of the forest should never stop. A simple question now and then can help to bring this awareness to everyday life.

In nature, children and adults encounter an abundance of minerals, natural resources, and health benefits. The different species in the forest can provide unique food sources and unique aspects of life such as the senses, natural beauty, and the expression of grief. However, one not quite appreciated by many, natural healing can be had.

Learning the Forest

A recent study by the Cleveland Clinic and Reading and Writing for High School Students found that 25% of students could improve reading skills by reading lists of nature texts during the school day, and 54% of those students showed improvements over time.

The list of current and previous print books on Nature and its healing properties can serve as a starting point. Stocking your children’s shelves with these and other useful books can be a great first step in bringing the connection between reading and nature.

Kindergarten Students

Policies of diverse focus, learning styles, and social environments make it difficult for children to develop long-term relationships with teachers and classmates. This is especially true in kindergarten where many students may develop multiple schools, friends, and lives throughout their time in kindergarten. Much of this exploration and interest in nature happens at home and at family gatherings, as well as in nursery, daycare, or at school.

As the kindergartners develop in this period, many of their interests may become more settled with the handful of early and frequent experiences. When this happens, it can be easy to lose sight of some of the constant benefits of nature for children. It can be easy to forget the many ways that children can gain insight, enjoyment, and increased well-being through reading, natural materials, and everyday actions.

Many of the natural materials on the list from several years ago have seen tremendous growth in the past several years. There are also many new books on nature that have come on the market. There are new books on the addition of nature to children’s writing, new books on herbs, natural healing, and new books about becoming a born again Christian. A book on reading how animals respond to child asks appropriate questions and provides simple lessons on reading and comprehension.

With the burgeoning nature print industry, there are not a whole lot of unknowns about this subject. That does not mean, however, that younger readers do not benefit from knowing what nature is and how to observe it.

Books for Nature Information

A few new books for nature information have come onto the market in the past few years. In this list, a few books that appeared in 2011 and 2012 have been included. They reflect a growing trend toward many diverse nature books that will fill out the story, both narrative and scientific.

After learning how to fish and catch frogs, kids might have a soft spot for some of the more exotic wild animals that live in the forests. Some of these animals are not usually attractive to kids, but they can be truly amazing. Learning about them can result in some amazing gift ideas to give to friends and family.

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