Common Core Could be a Program That the Teachers Are Leading the Field in

Common Core Could be a Program That the Teachers Are Leading the Field in

Common Core Could be a Program That the Teachers Are Leading the Field in

“We get things right every time. We don’t have to turn down fun to get things right.” -Jason F. Waters, head of Civics Class

This is common sense advice for any teachers that utilize teaching fundamentals. It should be the same advice shared to students as they turn to Education or to students with an education background. Public education in the United States always seems to be moving in the direction of overly testing and preparing students for testing; but according to a recent report by the Associated Press (AP), there is reason to believe that Common Core is a program that the teaching profession is ahead of the game on in offering curriculum designed to encourage critical thinking and incorporating a growing trend called (the Common Core, The Common Core, The Common Core) in American classrooms.

American educators are finally starting to bring the latest education technology into the classroom and focus less on testing. The AP article noted how private prep schools are finding success teaching students to learn through testing. The US Department of Education developed the Common Core to provide a Common Core program and standards which would address, “Strengthening individual student performance, developing 21st century skills, and preparing students for college and careers by developing curriculum that prepares students for college and careers.” These statements gave impetus to private school classes of students who are not headed to public school or who need extra help building character in their education.

When looking for character education in this country, the Department of Education requires Common Core to reflect the following:

A common understanding of citizenship and rights

A strong grounding in basic information and skills

A process that is appropriate to ensure effective understanding of the material

Examining complex issues and showing real progress toward a more literate citizen

Building independence and self-reliance.

According to this AP article, there is reason to believe that the Common Core initiatives are starting to take hold on college campuses. The article stated that at least several colleges nationwide are offering training in how to implement the Common Core in an academic setting. There is a growing trend toward incorporating the Common Core on campuses across the nation. A program that is gaining popularity as a result of the Common Core is The Game Change Program. The Game Change Program has been popular at many colleges around the country because it has “a state-of-the-art curriculum offering real, hands-on challenges, authentic student experience, and that builds character.”

This program is led by instructors that are taking a greater interest in the development of character and the character development of their students.

What does this mean to education students?

Public education in the United States has a history of using religious influences to influence the curriculum in order to stimulate creativity and educate students. There is a trend by government and by education leaders in this country to use curriculum based on the a political party’s politics or ideology. Sometimes, these educational efforts may be coupled with information to spur parents to act based on the agenda of their politicians.

What does that mean to a public education student?

In 2012, the Times of Trenton reported that the subject of public education was “coercion.” There is a growing trend in public education in the United States to remove children from the classroom and place them in homes without curriculum. Studies show that as teachers are not directly involved in the development of student curriculum, there may be a decline in the science, social studies, and other curriculum that is being taught. A recent AP article listed teachers that had experienced decreasing contributions to curriculum development because of the new Common Core standards that have been put in place.

What will this trend toward removing children from the classroom and placing them in homes without curriculum do to public education?

Common Core and its implementation programs have not been designed by a research and education research organization. The Federal Department of Education set these Common Core standards with the aim of encouraging the growth of critical thinking in students. The new Common Core programs have definitely been developed from the perspective of politically “motivated” projects. These politically motivated programs will, undoubtedly, alter the standards from one that accommodates creativity to one that is focused on discipline and assessment. Standards will not be designed to develop students and allow them to become true thinkers but rather, students will be tested according to their performance of Common Core written essays and other academic tasks. No amount of research on this program can define its effect on education in the United States in the years to come.

The available research should show how the education workers in this country understand the value of an education that is based on the value of, “being right.”

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