What Each Of You is The Story Of

What Each Of You is The Story Of

What Each Of You is The Story Of

Over the last year, hundreds of teenagers have contributed to StoryCorps’ digital archives. From caring for animals in rural Pennsylvania to sharing their very first thoughts on the dark clouds of adolescence in Richmond, the stories of teenagers go right to the heart of how stories (as a public way of communicating) shape us and make us who we are.

Applying to the project was a major life decision for Catherine Minchak of Glen Burnie, Maryland. She described herself as a stressed-out teenager looking for a way to relax and be a caring person for others. At 16, she was nearing the end of a very difficult time in her life, having just lost her father to cancer when she submitted her story. “I wanted to see if other people related to my experience. After I was accepted to StoryCorps, it changed my life in several big ways. I still get so many letters and feel so validated by all of these people. I feel less alone.”

Farallon Foundation and WNYC News will broadcast interviews with a select group of participants, including Catherine, on the 30th anniversary of StoryCorps National Citizen Reporting Day on Wednesday, May 13th. This special event will culminate a year of relationships and learning between StoryCorps and teens across the country. Teens will learn how stories can influence their understanding of the world around them, and the stories will be able to be shared with others, helping to bring stories to life. There will be a screening of the story Catherine submitted.

Across the country, teens have taken the initiative to compile and transcribe their personal oral histories (some available online or in print journals) and create their own podcasts. Kyle Pachulski, a student at Stanford University, transcribed his mother’s story (“Getting the Words Right,” video available here). Share your personal narrative in the short form of a podcast with your peers – you’ll feel like you’re part of a group of teens in one room recording your story.

Kinship_Funded by Google and Incubation Labs, Share America & Fairfax County Foundation.

Let us know how you connect with story archives!

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